Welcome to Cross Section

We are Bea, Shelly and Beth, three unapologetic Christian moms who serve up a main course of some serious common sense with a side dish of humor and fun.


11 responses to “Welcome to Cross Section

  1. Sven

    Just discovered your web site, why are all your posted news or articles un-authored ?

    Seems unusual, as a pilot and engineer, I am very analytical and would expect authors to sign fact based stories or is this site just opinions?


  2. crosssection

    Sven: All of our articles are written by Shelly Robbins, Beth Frederick, or Bea McDonald. We are the ladies of the Cross Section. We haven’t been signing our articles, but maybe it would be a good idea. Thanks for checking out our website.

  3. Thank you for all the detail!! Yet one more marvelous way of looking at things, this is certainly precisely why we arrive to the webpage repeatedly.

  4. Kevin

    Tracked ya back from my site. Christians.
    My wife and I also!

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  10. Whats the best way to subscribe to your feed: I click on “Subscribe” and I get a page full of html?

  11. Whats the best way to subscribe to your site:

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