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Surprise! You’re In the UAW!

Michigan childcare providers who work out of their home were shocked to find out that they are now members of the United Auto Worker’s Union. Even though they had never sought union representation and obviously do not make cars, they were told by the state of Michigan that part of the money they would have earned from taking care of children from low income families would now be sent to the UAW instead of the childcare worker.

Those workers are suing the state of Michigan to get their money back and to get out of the union. Union lobbyists successfully pressured the state of Michigan to let the unions get part of the low income subsidies. In exchange they are supposed to help childcare workers get more training and cut through red tape encountered at the government level.

Cross Section will be watching for further updates on this story. In our opinion, no home-based childcare providers should be forced to join a union. This is simply another way for the Democratically controlled Michigan legislature to pay back their union constituents.


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