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Your Stimulus Dollars At Work Or How To Flush $111 Million Dollars Down The Drain!

The city of Los Angeles saved or created 55 jobs with a cost to the taxpayer of 1.5 million dollars per job. That is the efficiency of the government trying to spend their way out of a recession. For this, the city controller gave the government a grade of B-. Wow, that is really grading on the curve! No wonder they call Los Angeles la la land.

Three words people: NOVEMBER IS COMING!


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Your Chance To Shape The Future

Mid-term elections are generally low key events. Voter turnout is often low and the electorate could be termed as, well, “sleepy” in their response. November 2010 is different, however, and even the primaries leading up to the November election have a real feel of importance.

Arkansas has already started the early voting for their primary which is on the 18th of May. There are many good candidates and it can be a little confusing. It is so important, though, to educate ourselves about the positions that these candidates have. We need real conservatives who are willing to stand up and be counted. Those types are few and far between, but they are out there. So, what can we do to find out where these candidates stand? Here’s a few ideas:
1. Get a copy of the ballet to find out who you will be voting on.
2. Go to their websites and find out what their positions are.
3. If they have a legislative track record, look at their key votes on the issues that matter to you.
4. Use resources such as interviews that they have given to the press.
5. Call their campaign office if you need an answer to what their position is on an issue.
6. Make absolutely sure that you are registered to vote.

So, what’s at stake? The future of our country! Right now, the left is pushing as fast and as far as they can to move our country closer to socialism. We need to send a powerful message in 2010 in order to even slow them down. So, if you love your country, take the time to get involved and don’t just stop with yourself. Talk to your friends. Take people to the polls who have a hard time getting out. The ability to vote is our constitutional responsibility and our privilege. This year, it’s the way to save our country. This year it matters more than ever. Don’t forget to VOTE!

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President Obama May Be “Agnostic”, But I’m A Believer

How many times on the campaign trail did we hear then Senator Obama say, “If you make less than $250,000 per year you will not see a tax increase-not in your income tax, not in your capital gains tax, not in your payroll tax, not in any tax.”  I can remember at least a million, o.k. not a million, but A LOT!  This was the mantra day after day. 

Now all of a sudden President Obama says that he is “agnostic” about raising taxes on all income levels.  This I believe.   I think that it won’t be long before his agnosticism turns into full-fledged, fervent, in your face tax increases on everyone.  However, what he will not tell you is that even if he doesn’t raise your tax rate, his policies will take your income away from you in the following ways:

  • Continued spending of money that is hot off of the fed’s printing press will result in big time inflation which will cause your income to not go as far as it does right now.
  • Interest rates will increase when inflation rears it’s ugly head and then the cost of borrowing-including the interest rates on those pesky credit cards will be sky high.
  • When businesses are worried about potential tax increases, penalties for not having the “right” health plans in place for employees, new energy requirements etc; they will not hire or give raises because they simply can’t make long term plans in that type of political environment.
  • Any policies that are designed to punish “big” business will simply be passed on to you and I, the consumer. This is because in reality, corporations don’t pay their taxes, the consumers do.  So we should remember this when we get that warm fuzzy feeling when we see congress making those “evil” corporations pay up.
  • Policies such as cap and trade and health care reform would add costs to every product and service produced and once again these costs would be paid for by, you guessed it, you and I.

So, while Barack Obama may be agnostic about whether or not you and I will pay regardless of our income level; I am a firm believer that while those in government are the ones who have spent us into oblivion, you and I are about to get the bill-oh, and not only us, but our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren…..(You see a pattern developing here!)

So what to do, what to do….Hmmmmm……Stop spending money that we do not have!  That’s change that we CAN believe in!


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Harry Reid to Senate: Let The Bribery Begin!

The cost of buying the Senator from Louisiana’s vote?  300 million dollars.

The cost of buying the Senator from Nebraska, Ben Nelson’s vote?  500 million dollars.

The cost of seeing their faces when they are voted out by angry constituents?  Priceless.

No, this isn’t the script of a commercial, this is actually happening.   Senators are lining up for payoffs for their states in exchange for voting for the still to be seen Health Reform Bill in the Senate.  If you live in Arkansas, don’t let Blanche Lincoln cast her vote without hearing your voice.  And this is my warning to our readers:  If this bill does actually pass (and I think that Harry Reid will make sure that he buys enough votes to make it pass); then watch out for the conference hearing on the bill-they aren’t through trying to sneak things by the American people.  Now a warning for Congress:  you vote for this bill and other tax and spend bills like it at your own peril.  The American people will not forget and we will be lining up at voting booths ready to vote you out!

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Identifying the “Fat Cats” in the Private Sector While Ignoring them in the Public Sector

Mr. Obama was on a tear telling the 60 Minutes interviewer that he did not come to Washington to help a bunch of “fat cats” on Wall Street.  Well, that’s just great.  I guess he just came to Washington to help the fat cats there!

Since Mr. Obama took office, government employees making over $170,00o per year have literally exploded.  Before he took office there was only one employee in the Department of Transportation making that amount.  Now there is over a thousand employees just in that one department alone making that princely sum. 

Most of the businesses that I am aware of have cut workers, cut salaries or frozen salaries due to the economic times that we find ourselves in.  Prudent measures that sometimes have to be taken to save a business from failing all together.  Not the government, though, while families and businesses are cutting their budgets, Washington is on a spending spree. 

Congress just sent to the President’s desk a spending bill with over 5000 earmarks that when totaled up was over 1.1 TRILLION dollars.  Apparently, budgeting, is only for us “little people”.   Oh, and while they’re spending like there’s no tomorrow with money that they printed up just for the occasion;  they are planning on taking over the health care system.  Are you kidding me!

I’m tired of it.  Let’s send a message to Washington.  Let’s vote out these tax and spenders.  Let’s take back our government.


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How Would YOU Pay For The Health Care Bill? Choose Your Poison.

Senators and Representatives have been fashioning different health care bills; all of which the country cannot afford.  They have come up with various ways to pay for it.  Which one do you like?

  • There’s the payroll tax on small businesses of 8% if they don’t cover their employees.  The problem here is that this is a jobs killer and we really need jobs right now!
  • There’s the let’s tax millionaires strategy.  The trouble with this is that millionaires are pretty good at finding loop holes to not pay taxes.  This would also inhibit investing and we could really use the cash flow in the economy right now.  The other problem with this is that people with that kind of wealth already pay the lion’s share of tax revenues in our country and it’s not going to bring in enough extra revenue to pay for any of the proposed plans.  In fact tax revenues might actually fall if we keep raising taxes on that group! (See the Laffer Curve)
  • Then there’s the punish individuals with a fine and possible jail time if they don’t buy health insurance.  The problem with this is that it’s very unconstitutional.  Besides, would you really stomach enforcing this draconian measure?
  • Then there’s the idea to find savings in Medicare and Medicaid by reducing fraud and waste.  This one cracks me up.  They haven’t been able to identify how much there is, where it is, or how they would find this money.  And even if they did find it, it wouldn’t be nearly enough.  Here’s an idea-find the savings and the fraud and put it towards Medicare so that it doesn’t go broke in 2017!
  • Then there’s the let’s pass the cost on to the states idea.  That way, we can say that we aren’t raising taxes to pay for it.  O.k., so now your state income tax will need to be raised significantly at a time when nobody can afford to pay more in taxes.

I’m sure that there are other types of fees and tax ideas that I’m missing, but you get the idea.  No matter what the idea is the outcome would not be good.  Government intervention always has unintended consequences.

Let’s find those savings in Medicare and Medicaid and let’s save those programs.  Let’s enact tort reform right away!  Let’s give a tax credit to people in the lowest income brackets to buy their own insurance and let’s make it legal to buy health insurance across state lines.  These measures do not put a damper on our economy and would help to save costs.  The only thing that government health care will do is put our economy on the critical list and cause health care to deteriorate in this country.  Then where would all of the Canadians go for their surgeries that their government health care plan doesn’t provide in a timely fashion?  Right now they come here because we still have the best care in the world!

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