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What A Week! The Way We See It……..

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Surprise! You’re In the UAW!

Michigan childcare providers who work out of their home were shocked to find out that they are now members of the United Auto Worker’s Union. Even though they had never sought union representation and obviously do not make cars, they were told by the state of Michigan that part of the money they would have earned from taking care of children from low income families would now be sent to the UAW instead of the childcare worker.

Those workers are suing the state of Michigan to get their money back and to get out of the union. Union lobbyists successfully pressured the state of Michigan to let the unions get part of the low income subsidies. In exchange they are supposed to help childcare workers get more training and cut through red tape encountered at the government level.

Cross Section will be watching for further updates on this story. In our opinion, no home-based childcare providers should be forced to join a union. This is simply another way for the Democratically controlled Michigan legislature to pay back their union constituents.

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Federal Funding for Abortion…It’s Here Despite Obama/B. Lincoln Promises

Pennsylvania has become the first state to receive funding for federally funded abortions. According to Red Orbit, Pennsylvania will receive $160,000,000 which will directly fund abortions through the high risk insurance pool. This was authorized by the same Obama administration who came out with the unenforceable executive order that they said would prevent abortions from being federally funded. We knew that was a lie.

Blanche Lincoln, on her website, in town hall meetings, and interviews, promised that she would not vote for any measure that would allow for abortions to be federally funded beyond what the Hyde amendment would allow. Here’s Blanche’s statement regarding abortion from last year:

The Health Care Reform Bill adopted by the House Energy and Commerce Committee (H.R. 3200) includes a provision that explicitly prohibits federal subsidies to any health plan that chooses to cover abortions beyond the Hyde Amendment restriction. Finally, I will not support a health care plan that allows federal funding of abortions beyond the Hyde Amendment.

If you remember the long debate of last summer, there were plenty of people from Sarah Palin to James Dobson who warned us repeatedly that Obamacare would allow for federally funded abortions. We knew…it’s kind of hard to believe that Blanche Lincoln couldn’t figure out that this is what would happen.

Pennsylvania is just the first state. Other states are following suit and will be receiving their money soon-(money that we don’t have by the way).

If you are tired of politicians pushing their social agendas, spending money that they don’t have, and then lying about it on top of everything else, make sure that you send a message, loud and clear this November!

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President Obama’s Grade Handling The Oil Spill……F

Right now some of you are saying that I’m unfair in my assessment. Where are your facts, you say. O.k. here are the reasons for a grade of F.

1. The delay in getting involved. President Obama took weeks to become engaged in this crisis.

2. The failure to clear the red tape so that people like Bobby Jindal could authorize the actions that would have kept a lot more of the oil off shore. Finally Bobby Jindal said just do it-we aren’t waiting any more. Go Bobby!

3. The failure to allow other countries with expertise in oil clean up come to help us. At least 13 offers of help from other countries/companies have been rejected. Shame on you Mr. Obama.

4. The move to stop all other deep water drilling until further notice. That reasoning is like saying, “Since we’ve had a car crash on I-80 that has backed up traffic for miles, no other cars may be made or sold until further notice.” That logic is warped! We still need the oil and those people still need those jobs!

5. The failure to allow drilling on land in places like Alaska that would be much safer than deep water drilling.

6. The attempt to take this awful oil spill and turn it into a launching pad for new energy taxes, cap and trade, and other progressive job killing legislation. Forget about cap and trade! CAP THE WELL!

My grade for the President……F.

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Lincoln Win In Run-Off…..Big Blow To Unions Trying To Buy Elections

SEIU (Service Employees International Union) thought that they could buy the Democratic Senate primary race in Arkansas. They thought that by dumping $10 million dollars into the state of Arkansas that they could simply decide who would be the candidate on the Democrat’s ticket.

They nearly did……………Blanche Lincoln only won the run-off by a few percentage points.

SEIU has had the largest presence in the White House with their former leader, Andy Stern, visiting the White House more than any other person in Obama’s first year in office. The power and influence that they have over the President is dangerous and obvious in the progressive, liberal policies that they, and consequently the President have espoused. All you have to do is look at the President’s domestic agenda to see the fingerprints of SEIU.

I don’t support Blanche Lincoln at all. However, I am glad that she won the run-off. Arkansas elections should be decided by Arkansans, not by D.C. based big unions. Maybe…(but I doubt it)…they will think twice before trying to buy the next election. The positive outcome in all of this? SEIU and the others are ten million dollars lighter…and that, my friends, is priceless!

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