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Federal Funding for Abortion…It’s Here Despite Obama/B. Lincoln Promises

Pennsylvania has become the first state to receive funding for federally funded abortions. According to Red Orbit, Pennsylvania will receive $160,000,000 which will directly fund abortions through the high risk insurance pool. This was authorized by the same Obama administration who came out with the unenforceable executive order that they said would prevent abortions from being federally funded. We knew that was a lie.

Blanche Lincoln, on her website, in town hall meetings, and interviews, promised that she would not vote for any measure that would allow for abortions to be federally funded beyond what the Hyde amendment would allow. Here’s Blanche’s statement regarding abortion from last year:

The Health Care Reform Bill adopted by the House Energy and Commerce Committee (H.R. 3200) includes a provision that explicitly prohibits federal subsidies to any health plan that chooses to cover abortions beyond the Hyde Amendment restriction. Finally, I will not support a health care plan that allows federal funding of abortions beyond the Hyde Amendment.

If you remember the long debate of last summer, there were plenty of people from Sarah Palin to James Dobson who warned us repeatedly that Obamacare would allow for federally funded abortions. We knew…it’s kind of hard to believe that Blanche Lincoln couldn’t figure out that this is what would happen.

Pennsylvania is just the first state. Other states are following suit and will be receiving their money soon-(money that we don’t have by the way).

If you are tired of politicians pushing their social agendas, spending money that they don’t have, and then lying about it on top of everything else, make sure that you send a message, loud and clear this November!


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Let’s hear from Toby

In an article in the New York Times dated March 31st ( Elaine Schock, The publicist for Toby Keith complains about his interview being used in Governor Palin’s Real American Stories that aired on the Fox News Channel last evening. This interview was a wonderful tribute to the singer’s father as well as praise for what Toby Keith does for the troops. When Ms. Schock was asked how Mr. Keith felt about the interview being aired, she refused to comment. Let’s all contact Ms. Schock and request a comment from the singer, not her. She has chosen to step out and criticize Fox News and Ms. Palin. We would like to know if this is how Mr. Keith feels as well. You may contact her by email or phone at the contacts listed below:

Phone: 818-932-0001



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