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What A Week! The Way We See It……..

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T.E.A. Party Fort Smith, Arkansas!

Tax day didn’t dampen the spirits of the hundreds of tea partiers who gathered in Fort Smith, AR. Flags, posters, pins, and upbeat music were the order of the day.

The crowd listened to many speakers all of whom touched on the the high spending in Washington, the need to repeal the the healthcare reform law and, of course, the upcoming elections in November.

The crowd was very upbeat and the reactions from passersby were mostly positive. I can report that the only negative reaction that I saw was from a liberal driving by who used her middle finger to express herself even though she was driving by a crowd that contained many children. (And the liberals are worried about the way we behave?)

Shortly before the end of the party, FOX News contributor, Dick Morris, came by to address the crowd. His various stops in Fayetteville, Fort Smith, and Little Rock were paid for by the group Americans For Prosperity.

Mr. Morris was enthusiastically received. He asked all of those who were in attendance who were running for political office to join him on the dais. He asked them all to take a pledge of no more taxes, which they all did. Mr. Morris then reported that Steve Womack who is running for Congress to take John Boozman’s spot in congress had declined to take that pledge. The Cross Section will keep you updated with any any additional news on that front.

T.E.A. parties happened across the nation today, not just in Fort Smith. You have to wonder what Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and President Obama are thinking in their heart of hearts. If they aren’t worried about November, they should be!

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Who Are The Real Racists?

Newsweek reporter Howard Fineman, in his new article, “Lessons from the Republican Leadership Conference” talks about how few people of color there were at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. Mr. Fineman says:

Other than former Oklahoma congressman J. C. Watts and RNC chairman Michael Steele, who spoke to the gathering, I don’t think I saw a single African-American at the event. I’m not sure I saw a Latino or Asian person there, either—except for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. I shouldn’t have expected anything else, of course: “Southern, white, Republican, conservative” is a quadruple redundancy. They have as much right to hold a meeting as any other group. But I couldn’t escape the feeling that, as amped up and potent as this crowd felt inside the ballroom, there is another, larger world—and another generation—rising elsewhere.

Whether intentional or not, it sounds like Mr. Fineman is raising the ugly spector of racism. This is a criticism that is often heaped upon conservative Republicans. Just look at recent reports of the tea partiers. You can find any number of articles accusing them of being racist rednecks.

I was there in New Orleans. Here’s what I can report. We spoke to a gentleman from Massachusetts who had fled Cuba and who wanted to tell as many people as possible about the dangers of socialism. He wasn’t a white, southern person; but he was conservative and Republican.

We also watched Herman Cain speak to the crowd. If you don’t know Mr. Cain, he’s an African-American. When he was through, the crowd was on their feet applauding wildly. That response didn’t look like the response of a racist crowd.

I do know that it’s pretty hard these days to be a person of color who “comes out” and tells people that they are conservative. They are called oreos and Uncle Toms by those who consider them to be a traitor to their race.

So, why were there not more people of color at the conference in New Orleans? Was it that they were discouraged from coming? If so, then by whom? I know that the GOP would love to attract more people from all walks of life because that’s how you win elections. So, I don’t think it’s the GOP doing the discouraging. I believe that there weren’t more people of color in the crowd because of the perceived notions about the Republican party by those in the main stream media. I think that there weren’t more people of color in the crowd because the Democratic party and the main stream media have been so successful in unfairly portraying the Republican party as a party of unfeeling, rich, racists.

If we are going to get beyond racism in this country, then we need to stop portraying an entire movement, whether it’s the tea party movement or the Republican party with the broad brush strokes of racism. I didn’t see racism in New Orleans. I saw people who have a different idea than President Obama about the way things should be done in this country. Last time I looked, having a different idea didn’t make you a racist.


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They Can’t Win On Facts…So They Accuse Us Of Hate Speech And Violence

It’s beyond the pale.  We’ve had about four days now of stories coming from the left about right wing violence.  Let me see now.  How about some facts from the main stream media!  They are either in the pocket of the left or they are just willing shills for the Democrats.  O.k., they won’t give you facts only anecdotal evidence of how mean and violent we are?  (Reminds me of the “anecdotal evidence” a.k.a. medical horror stories offered by the left during the ramp up to the health care vote.)  Back to the facts.  Here are the facts.

Fact #1-The only violent act that I have been able to document is a severed gas line at the home of a congressman’s brother.  O.k. that guy should be arrested but he’s one guy!

Fact #2-No arrests have been made in any of the recent demonstrations by people againt the health care legislation.

Fact #3-Many congressmen, including Jesse Jackson Jr. videotaped their provocative walk to the capital with Nancy Pelosi out front leading them with her giant gavel.  If anybody actually said something nasty it would be all over You-tube.  And what was the purpose of walking through a group of protestors like that?  Were they wanting something violent to happen that would serve their purpose?  Hmmm. 

Fact #4-Acts of real violence by the left:

  •  Eco-terrorism that has resulted in the loss of life and property
  • Sarah Palin hung in effigy
  • A movie produced about the “assassination” of President Bush
  • The Black Panthers in Philadelphia trying to scare voters away
  • The Bush/Cheney offices being vandalized during their campaign
  • A bullet coming through the window of Eric Cantors office!

These were real acts.  They happened on the left and you didn’t hear about them in the main stream media except for a little blurb here and there.   Oh, and have you heard some of the recordings of messages left on Republican congressmen’s voice mail?  No, you’ve just heard the “angry, violent, right wingers.” 

Give me a break.  If we can’t see that this is political exploitation of a bunch of average, every day citizens, that has only marched peacefully at rallies that you can take your kids to, than I don’t have much hope for us. 

The truth of the matter is that they want to divide the right, by getting us to think, “Well, I sure don’t want to be a part of a violent fringe group!”  Don’t take the bait.  Let’s stick to the facts-something that the left is seemingly unable or unwilling to do.


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I know, I know…..we’ve fought and fought and you’ve called and emailed and tea partied and town halled and the health care reform bill keeps coming back. 

WELL, it looks like we are finally at the end of this struggle and it comes down to this:  The House needs to pass the Senate bill and if they don’t then it is finally dead.  There are other scenarios floating around such as the Slaughter solution, but I don’t think that even they are that brazen.  I also think that the Slaughter solution, were it to be employed, would be overturned in the courts.  

SO, here’s what we must do again.  We must call, email, and if at all possible go to our representatives and senators offices and make our voice heard.  The White House is in full battle mode.   Yes there is arm twisting, yes there is deal making, yes there are threats and promises and all sorts of  things going on in the background.    Not only this, but the White House has sent text messages out to every citizen who has signed up to receive updates from the White House urging them to call their representatives. 

Once again, the people must stand together or our country will suffer the consequences.  If we fail to do whatever we can to keep this atrocious bill (which has yet to be completely published) from becoming law, how will we be able to look our children in the face.  After all, they are the ones who will be paying the price. 

So, if you have called and emailed in the past; do it again.  If you have NEVER called or emailed your representatives go to your phone or computer right now and join the fight.  You will feel like you have at least made the effort to have your voice heard in this important debate.

Let’s take the fight to them and let them know that WE THE PEOPLE are saying NO!

Here’s what you need:

To call the capital switchboard, call 1-202-224-3121.  Then tell the operator the name of the legislator that you want to speak to and they will connect you. 

To email your representatives in the House of Representatives, go to and you can look up your representatives website from there.

To email your Senator, go to and you can look up your senator from there by clicking on the link to their office.


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Happy New Year From The Ladies Of The Cross Section!

Beth, Bea, and I wish everyone a very happy New Year.   We have reasons to be very optimistic about our future as long as we as citizens care enough to get involved in our political process.  One of the best things that happened in 2009 was the Tea Party phenomenom.  Millions of Americans got involved and we let our voices be heard.

As one lady said at one of the many town hall meetings: “You have awakened a sleeping giant!”  She was right on.  We’ve never seen conservatives take their message to the street and to Capital Hill as they did in 2009.  Whether it was Cap and Tax, Health Care “Reform”, or the Stimulus Package, Americans stood up and said, “No!”  Great job tea partiers!  Party on!

2010 promises to be an exciting year.  Don’t be silenced by the media elite and don’t be discouraged by the political status quo.  Let’s get out there and take back our country in 2010!  Happy New Year!

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