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What A Week! The Way We See It……..

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Federal Funding for Abortion…It’s Here Despite Obama/B. Lincoln Promises

Pennsylvania has become the first state to receive funding for federally funded abortions. According to Red Orbit, Pennsylvania will receive $160,000,000 which will directly fund abortions through the high risk insurance pool. This was authorized by the same Obama administration who came out with the unenforceable executive order that they said would prevent abortions from being federally funded. We knew that was a lie.

Blanche Lincoln, on her website, in town hall meetings, and interviews, promised that she would not vote for any measure that would allow for abortions to be federally funded beyond what the Hyde amendment would allow. Here’s Blanche’s statement regarding abortion from last year:

The Health Care Reform Bill adopted by the House Energy and Commerce Committee (H.R. 3200) includes a provision that explicitly prohibits federal subsidies to any health plan that chooses to cover abortions beyond the Hyde Amendment restriction. Finally, I will not support a health care plan that allows federal funding of abortions beyond the Hyde Amendment.

If you remember the long debate of last summer, there were plenty of people from Sarah Palin to James Dobson who warned us repeatedly that Obamacare would allow for federally funded abortions. We knew…it’s kind of hard to believe that Blanche Lincoln couldn’t figure out that this is what would happen.

Pennsylvania is just the first state. Other states are following suit and will be receiving their money soon-(money that we don’t have by the way).

If you are tired of politicians pushing their social agendas, spending money that they don’t have, and then lying about it on top of everything else, make sure that you send a message, loud and clear this November!

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T.E.A. Party Fort Smith, Arkansas!

Tax day didn’t dampen the spirits of the hundreds of tea partiers who gathered in Fort Smith, AR. Flags, posters, pins, and upbeat music were the order of the day.

The crowd listened to many speakers all of whom touched on the the high spending in Washington, the need to repeal the the healthcare reform law and, of course, the upcoming elections in November.

The crowd was very upbeat and the reactions from passersby were mostly positive. I can report that the only negative reaction that I saw was from a liberal driving by who used her middle finger to express herself even though she was driving by a crowd that contained many children. (And the liberals are worried about the way we behave?)

Shortly before the end of the party, FOX News contributor, Dick Morris, came by to address the crowd. His various stops in Fayetteville, Fort Smith, and Little Rock were paid for by the group Americans For Prosperity.

Mr. Morris was enthusiastically received. He asked all of those who were in attendance who were running for political office to join him on the dais. He asked them all to take a pledge of no more taxes, which they all did. Mr. Morris then reported that Steve Womack who is running for Congress to take John Boozman’s spot in congress had declined to take that pledge. The Cross Section will keep you updated with any any additional news on that front.

T.E.A. parties happened across the nation today, not just in Fort Smith. You have to wonder what Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and President Obama are thinking in their heart of hearts. If they aren’t worried about November, they should be!

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Obamacare podcast

Cross Section Podcast

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They Can’t Win On Facts…So They Accuse Us Of Hate Speech And Violence

It’s beyond the pale.  We’ve had about four days now of stories coming from the left about right wing violence.  Let me see now.  How about some facts from the main stream media!  They are either in the pocket of the left or they are just willing shills for the Democrats.  O.k., they won’t give you facts only anecdotal evidence of how mean and violent we are?  (Reminds me of the “anecdotal evidence” a.k.a. medical horror stories offered by the left during the ramp up to the health care vote.)  Back to the facts.  Here are the facts.

Fact #1-The only violent act that I have been able to document is a severed gas line at the home of a congressman’s brother.  O.k. that guy should be arrested but he’s one guy!

Fact #2-No arrests have been made in any of the recent demonstrations by people againt the health care legislation.

Fact #3-Many congressmen, including Jesse Jackson Jr. videotaped their provocative walk to the capital with Nancy Pelosi out front leading them with her giant gavel.  If anybody actually said something nasty it would be all over You-tube.  And what was the purpose of walking through a group of protestors like that?  Were they wanting something violent to happen that would serve their purpose?  Hmmm. 

Fact #4-Acts of real violence by the left:

  •  Eco-terrorism that has resulted in the loss of life and property
  • Sarah Palin hung in effigy
  • A movie produced about the “assassination” of President Bush
  • The Black Panthers in Philadelphia trying to scare voters away
  • The Bush/Cheney offices being vandalized during their campaign
  • A bullet coming through the window of Eric Cantors office!

These were real acts.  They happened on the left and you didn’t hear about them in the main stream media except for a little blurb here and there.   Oh, and have you heard some of the recordings of messages left on Republican congressmen’s voice mail?  No, you’ve just heard the “angry, violent, right wingers.” 

Give me a break.  If we can’t see that this is political exploitation of a bunch of average, every day citizens, that has only marched peacefully at rallies that you can take your kids to, than I don’t have much hope for us. 

The truth of the matter is that they want to divide the right, by getting us to think, “Well, I sure don’t want to be a part of a violent fringe group!”  Don’t take the bait.  Let’s stick to the facts-something that the left is seemingly unable or unwilling to do.


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What change looks like

Senator Tom Coburn, who makes me proud

to be both a Republican and a Native Oklahoman,

has proposed nine “changes” to the fix it bill as it

comes before the senate.  Senator Coburn proposes

the following changes or amendments:

1. No Erectile Dysfunction Drugs To Sex Offenders (Amendment 3556) – This amendment would enact recommendations from the Government Accountability Office to stop fraudulent payments for prescription drugs prescribed by dead providers or, to dead patients. This amendment also prohibits coverage of Viagra and other ED medications to convicted child molesters, rapists, and sex offenders, and prohibits coverage of abortion drugs. Click here to view the amendment text and click here for additional background.

2. Bureaucrat Cap and Trade (Amendment 3557) – This amendment would ensure that no provisions in the health bill increase the size of government bureaucracies in Washington, D.C. This amendment requires that for each government bureaucrat added to a government agency as a result of this act, there must be a corresponding decrease in a government bureaucrat at that agency. The federal government should not grow the bureaucracy in Washington, DC when one in 10 Americans is looking for work and twice as many are underemployed. Click here to view the amendment text and click here to view additional background.

3. Congress Should Not Lecture Americans About Fiscal Responsibility (Amendment 3563) – This amendment would strike the creation of a new $375 million government program the new health bill (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) intended to promote personal and financial responsibility. It is ironic that Congress, that amassed a $12 trillion deficit, should lecture Americans about financial responsibility. This government “responsibility” program duplicates existing government programs and adds hundreds of millions of dollars to the tax burden funds. In short, there is nothing responsible about the new responsibility program. Click here to view the amendment text and click here to view additional background.

4. Repeal New Powers Given to the Secretary of HHS (Amendment 3558) – Nearly 1,700 times in the new health bill (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), the Secretary of HHS is given new authorities to write regulations, issue definitions, and decide on the fate of Americans’ health care. Congress should be empowering patients and physicians, not bureaucrats in Washington, DC. Click here to view amendment and click here to view additional background.

5. If You Like the Health Plan You Have, You Can Keep It. President Obama promised that Americans who like their health care plan would be able to keep it. However, the Congressional Budget Office has said that millions of people will lose their current coverage under The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, for many Americans, the reconciliation bill is even worse news, as it made changes to some grandfathering provisions. The changes to grandfathering provisions would mean that individuals with guaranteed renewable plans in the individual market will NOT be able to keep their current coverage at the current price, but would immediately be issued a new policy and charged more. This amendment strikes changes to grandfathered plans, so Americans who like the health care they have actually can keep it.  Click here to view amendment.

6. Implement Republican Ideas President Obama Has Endorsed To Crack Down on Waste, Fraud, and Abuse (Amendment 3560) – The President’s Proposal for health reform, released on February 22, 2010, highlighted nine Republican ideas to combat waste, fraud, and abuse. This amendment includes each of those policy provisions which have been endorsed by President Obama. Certainly Washington politicians should be serious about stemming the hemorrhaging of taxpayer dollars lost to waste, fraud, and abuse. Senators will have an opportunity to vote on proposals which have received bipartisan support, and which the President has endorsed. Click here to view amendment. Click here to read the proposal. Click here  for additional background.

7. Abortion Conscience Amendment (Amendment 3561) – This amendment would ensure health care providers are not forced to participate in abortions or discriminated against because they choose not to perform abortions. The federal government should never require health care providers to violate their deeply held moral, ethical or religious beliefs or discriminate against them because they choose to exercise their consciences and not be involved with abortion. This amendment would protect health care providers from being required or coerced to perform abortions.  Click here to view the amendment text and click here for additional background.

8. Exempt Class I Medical Devices from New Taxation. Taxing latex gloves and band-aids is not health reform and only increases the cost of health care for patients. This amendment would exempt all Class I medical devices – such as band-aids, wheelchairs, hospital beds, and surgical gowns – from new federal taxation.  Click here to view amendment.

9.  Motion to Commit Bill to Committee and Return In Compliance with President Obama’s Promises. During his presidential campaign, then-Senator Obama repeatedly made several promises related to what health reform would accomplish. The bill he signed today breaks those promises. This amendment would send the reconciliation bill back to the Finance Committee and direct the Committee to report back out a bill which would allow him to keep his promise. Click here to view amendment. Click here to view President Obama’s health care promises.

Let’s see how Barbara Boxer can defend viagra for sex offenders. This is a brilliant strategy from the Senator to combat the corupt tactics that were used to enact this legistation.

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We Have Only Begun To Fight!!!

It was really hard to watch the Democrats pass a piece of legislation by 4 votes that will change 1/6 of our economy.  I have to admit it…I was disheartened.  I am mad.  However,  as I watched President Obama and Vice President Biden congratulating one another with a wink, nod, hug, oh…and profanity; my anger turned to resolve.

I am reminded of the response of the American people after 9/11.  I am reminded of the response of the American people after Pearl Harbor.  The day after these stunning defeats in our nation’s history, the resolve of the American people was amazing.   People started showing up at recruiting stations.  Communities started organizing to assist in whatever ways they could.   While Nancy Pelosi is grinning from ear to ear in her smug way, she should remember an interesting piece of history.  The Japanese admiral who planned the Pearl Harbor attack was Admiral Yamamoto.  He was educated in the United States as a young man.  He had witnessed capitalism and the American spirit in action and even as he ordered the attack; a cold chill permeated his heart which he expressed in his famous statement that he “feared that Japan had awakened a sleeping giant.”   He was right. 

Speaker Pelosi, you have awakened a sleeping giant in this country: a people who refuse to leave their children and grand children crippling debt, a proud people who do not need to have the government hold their hand from cradle to grave to survive, and a people who have historically always been ready to help their neighbors in need.

The battle plans are already in the works.  It will take every concerned citizen to be involved in these up and coming elections.  This is the election that we must take to the streets.  Our country stands on the precipice of history.  There is no time left.   Will you join the fight?  Will you be informed about your candidates?  Are you willing to hold your representative’s feet to the fire to ensure that this out of control spending stops?



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