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50 Billion Here, 50 Billion There….

So this week, the government program du-jour is a $50 billion dollar infrastructure plan to “rebuild roads, railways, and runways.” This is what President Obama now wants Congress to pass.

Looking back, wasn’t that what the $787 Billion dollar stimulus project was supposed to fix? Weren’t those supposed to be “shovel ready jobs” that would focus on infrastructure? So $787 Billion didn’t do it, but now we think that $50 billion more will?

Wake up Mr. Obama, hope is gone and there is no change left in the kitty. It’s time to smell the coffee, and take back congress, people! We’ve had enough Kool-Aid. Government spending will never turn an economy around. Only the ingenuity of the private sector can save us at this point and right now with all of the new rules, regulations, and anti-business environment that has taken over Washington, that possibility is also fading fast.

Get out there and make sure that in November, congress is NOT in the hands of the people who are spending us into oblivion!


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Off-Shore Drilling? Obama Does The Bait and Switch

America is still reeling from the heath care debacle. While we are still bandaging our wounds and strategizing about the best way to repeal health care legislation, Barack Obama has already painted his next target…CAP AND TRADE or, more accurately known as Cap and TAX.

Were you pleasantly surprised by the recent announcements about nuclear power and off-shore drilling being opened up? Don’t be fooled. Here’s the real scoop. The EPA is going to announce new CO2 rules which will make CO2 a poison that will now be regulated by the EPA. Yes, the stuff that you breathe out and that plants breathe in will now be subject to regulation. This will of course be difficult on businesses because they will be looking at new fees, new penalties, and new taxes, which will be passed along to you guessed it: us.

Now the President knows that this is pretty negative news and so what does he do? He says, “But wait! I’ll let you drill for oil!” Don’t believe it. According to the Department of the Interior, which is also under the President’s control, there will be “years of hearings”. Several years according the sources in the Department of the Interior. Then, after the hearings, they will give environmentalists, a time to also be heard to object to drilling. What does this mean? No drilling until at least the end of the decade, if ever.

Obama is trying to do bait and switch or in military terms, diversion and then flank attack. He wants you to think that he’s really supportive of more nuclear energy and more drilling and while you and I are thinking, well, maybe he’s not so bad, he’ll push his cap and tax policies.

Don’t be fooled America! President Obama isn’t stupid, but he sure thinks that you and I are! Don’t let the diversion work. Let your representatives know that we need drilling NOW and we do not need cap and tax to put a further drain on our economy!

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President Obama May Be “Agnostic”, But I’m A Believer

How many times on the campaign trail did we hear then Senator Obama say, “If you make less than $250,000 per year you will not see a tax increase-not in your income tax, not in your capital gains tax, not in your payroll tax, not in any tax.”  I can remember at least a million, o.k. not a million, but A LOT!  This was the mantra day after day. 

Now all of a sudden President Obama says that he is “agnostic” about raising taxes on all income levels.  This I believe.   I think that it won’t be long before his agnosticism turns into full-fledged, fervent, in your face tax increases on everyone.  However, what he will not tell you is that even if he doesn’t raise your tax rate, his policies will take your income away from you in the following ways:

  • Continued spending of money that is hot off of the fed’s printing press will result in big time inflation which will cause your income to not go as far as it does right now.
  • Interest rates will increase when inflation rears it’s ugly head and then the cost of borrowing-including the interest rates on those pesky credit cards will be sky high.
  • When businesses are worried about potential tax increases, penalties for not having the “right” health plans in place for employees, new energy requirements etc; they will not hire or give raises because they simply can’t make long term plans in that type of political environment.
  • Any policies that are designed to punish “big” business will simply be passed on to you and I, the consumer. This is because in reality, corporations don’t pay their taxes, the consumers do.  So we should remember this when we get that warm fuzzy feeling when we see congress making those “evil” corporations pay up.
  • Policies such as cap and trade and health care reform would add costs to every product and service produced and once again these costs would be paid for by, you guessed it, you and I.

So, while Barack Obama may be agnostic about whether or not you and I will pay regardless of our income level; I am a firm believer that while those in government are the ones who have spent us into oblivion, you and I are about to get the bill-oh, and not only us, but our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren…..(You see a pattern developing here!)

So what to do, what to do….Hmmmmm……Stop spending money that we do not have!  That’s change that we CAN believe in!


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We Need Responsible Politicians and Responsible Citizens

I am over the moon that the election of Scott Brown put a halt to the inexorable march towards nationalized healthcare; and I am exhuberant  that liberals are deciding to retire rather than face the electorate in November.   So let’s take a moment to give a collective shout of joy for these momentous occasions.  While these are positive developments, we cannot lose sight of the enormous job before us. 

First  and foremost, we have to recruit and elect true conservatives who will give more than lip service to cutting spending.  Now here’s the tougher one.  We as the electorate need to be ready to say, “Yes! Cut the programs, cut the budget, and cut taxes.”  That’s a hard one because in the past we have howled about government spending; but we have not been willing to see funding for our favorite programs eliminated or decreased. 

We expect politicians to walk their talk and we should.  We should also walk our talk and support fiscal responsibility by not punishing our politicians when they start cutting the budget.  What’s more, we need to get back to helping our neighbors.  We need to pick up the slack and reach out when we see the need.   If we truly want the government to only take on those responsibilities listed in the constitution; then we need to be willing to stand in the gap and help our neighbors. 

Of course, first we need to get a Congress in place that will exercise fiscal responsibility.  Let’s keep working hard toward that end!  November is only months away!!


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Top 10 Signs That The Healthcare Bill Is NOT Good For America

Top 10 signs that a bill is not good for America:

#10 Al Franken thinks it’s a good bill.

#9  Not one Republican Senator votes for the bill

#8  Taxes first, benefits years later

#7  Democratic Senators have to be bribed by Harry Reid in order to vote for it.

#6  Final bill is only revealed to the public at the last minute

#5  A blizzard providentially hits D.C. before the vote

#4 Votes are scheduled after midnight

#3 Public opinion is consistently against the bill

#2 Attorney General of SC analyzes the last minute “deals” made for Ben Nelson

#1 You are holding the vote on Christmas Eve because it took that long to get to 60 votes

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Harry Reid to Senate: Let The Bribery Begin!

The cost of buying the Senator from Louisiana’s vote?  300 million dollars.

The cost of buying the Senator from Nebraska, Ben Nelson’s vote?  500 million dollars.

The cost of seeing their faces when they are voted out by angry constituents?  Priceless.

No, this isn’t the script of a commercial, this is actually happening.   Senators are lining up for payoffs for their states in exchange for voting for the still to be seen Health Reform Bill in the Senate.  If you live in Arkansas, don’t let Blanche Lincoln cast her vote without hearing your voice.  And this is my warning to our readers:  If this bill does actually pass (and I think that Harry Reid will make sure that he buys enough votes to make it pass); then watch out for the conference hearing on the bill-they aren’t through trying to sneak things by the American people.  Now a warning for Congress:  you vote for this bill and other tax and spend bills like it at your own peril.  The American people will not forget and we will be lining up at voting booths ready to vote you out!

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Identifying the “Fat Cats” in the Private Sector While Ignoring them in the Public Sector

Mr. Obama was on a tear telling the 60 Minutes interviewer that he did not come to Washington to help a bunch of “fat cats” on Wall Street.  Well, that’s just great.  I guess he just came to Washington to help the fat cats there!

Since Mr. Obama took office, government employees making over $170,00o per year have literally exploded.  Before he took office there was only one employee in the Department of Transportation making that amount.  Now there is over a thousand employees just in that one department alone making that princely sum. 

Most of the businesses that I am aware of have cut workers, cut salaries or frozen salaries due to the economic times that we find ourselves in.  Prudent measures that sometimes have to be taken to save a business from failing all together.  Not the government, though, while families and businesses are cutting their budgets, Washington is on a spending spree. 

Congress just sent to the President’s desk a spending bill with over 5000 earmarks that when totaled up was over 1.1 TRILLION dollars.  Apparently, budgeting, is only for us “little people”.   Oh, and while they’re spending like there’s no tomorrow with money that they printed up just for the occasion;  they are planning on taking over the health care system.  Are you kidding me!

I’m tired of it.  Let’s send a message to Washington.  Let’s vote out these tax and spenders.  Let’s take back our government.


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