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What A Week! The Way We See It……..

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50 Billion Here, 50 Billion There….

So this week, the government program du-jour is a $50 billion dollar infrastructure plan to “rebuild roads, railways, and runways.” This is what President Obama now wants Congress to pass.

Looking back, wasn’t that what the $787 Billion dollar stimulus project was supposed to fix? Weren’t those supposed to be “shovel ready jobs” that would focus on infrastructure? So $787 Billion didn’t do it, but now we think that $50 billion more will?

Wake up Mr. Obama, hope is gone and there is no change left in the kitty. It’s time to smell the coffee, and take back congress, people! We’ve had enough Kool-Aid. Government spending will never turn an economy around. Only the ingenuity of the private sector can save us at this point and right now with all of the new rules, regulations, and anti-business environment that has taken over Washington, that possibility is also fading fast.

Get out there and make sure that in November, congress is NOT in the hands of the people who are spending us into oblivion!

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President Obama’s Grade Handling The Oil Spill……F

Right now some of you are saying that I’m unfair in my assessment. Where are your facts, you say. O.k. here are the reasons for a grade of F.

1. The delay in getting involved. President Obama took weeks to become engaged in this crisis.

2. The failure to clear the red tape so that people like Bobby Jindal could authorize the actions that would have kept a lot more of the oil off shore. Finally Bobby Jindal said just do it-we aren’t waiting any more. Go Bobby!

3. The failure to allow other countries with expertise in oil clean up come to help us. At least 13 offers of help from other countries/companies have been rejected. Shame on you Mr. Obama.

4. The move to stop all other deep water drilling until further notice. That reasoning is like saying, “Since we’ve had a car crash on I-80 that has backed up traffic for miles, no other cars may be made or sold until further notice.” That logic is warped! We still need the oil and those people still need those jobs!

5. The failure to allow drilling on land in places like Alaska that would be much safer than deep water drilling.

6. The attempt to take this awful oil spill and turn it into a launching pad for new energy taxes, cap and trade, and other progressive job killing legislation. Forget about cap and trade! CAP THE WELL!

My grade for the President……F.

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T.E.A. Party Fort Smith, Arkansas!

Tax day didn’t dampen the spirits of the hundreds of tea partiers who gathered in Fort Smith, AR. Flags, posters, pins, and upbeat music were the order of the day.

The crowd listened to many speakers all of whom touched on the the high spending in Washington, the need to repeal the the healthcare reform law and, of course, the upcoming elections in November.

The crowd was very upbeat and the reactions from passersby were mostly positive. I can report that the only negative reaction that I saw was from a liberal driving by who used her middle finger to express herself even though she was driving by a crowd that contained many children. (And the liberals are worried about the way we behave?)

Shortly before the end of the party, FOX News contributor, Dick Morris, came by to address the crowd. His various stops in Fayetteville, Fort Smith, and Little Rock were paid for by the group Americans For Prosperity.

Mr. Morris was enthusiastically received. He asked all of those who were in attendance who were running for political office to join him on the dais. He asked them all to take a pledge of no more taxes, which they all did. Mr. Morris then reported that Steve Womack who is running for Congress to take John Boozman’s spot in congress had declined to take that pledge. The Cross Section will keep you updated with any any additional news on that front.

T.E.A. parties happened across the nation today, not just in Fort Smith. You have to wonder what Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and President Obama are thinking in their heart of hearts. If they aren’t worried about November, they should be!

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Off-Shore Drilling? Obama Does The Bait and Switch

America is still reeling from the heath care debacle. While we are still bandaging our wounds and strategizing about the best way to repeal health care legislation, Barack Obama has already painted his next target…CAP AND TRADE or, more accurately known as Cap and TAX.

Were you pleasantly surprised by the recent announcements about nuclear power and off-shore drilling being opened up? Don’t be fooled. Here’s the real scoop. The EPA is going to announce new CO2 rules which will make CO2 a poison that will now be regulated by the EPA. Yes, the stuff that you breathe out and that plants breathe in will now be subject to regulation. This will of course be difficult on businesses because they will be looking at new fees, new penalties, and new taxes, which will be passed along to you guessed it: us.

Now the President knows that this is pretty negative news and so what does he do? He says, “But wait! I’ll let you drill for oil!” Don’t believe it. According to the Department of the Interior, which is also under the President’s control, there will be “years of hearings”. Several years according the sources in the Department of the Interior. Then, after the hearings, they will give environmentalists, a time to also be heard to object to drilling. What does this mean? No drilling until at least the end of the decade, if ever.

Obama is trying to do bait and switch or in military terms, diversion and then flank attack. He wants you to think that he’s really supportive of more nuclear energy and more drilling and while you and I are thinking, well, maybe he’s not so bad, he’ll push his cap and tax policies.

Don’t be fooled America! President Obama isn’t stupid, but he sure thinks that you and I are! Don’t let the diversion work. Let your representatives know that we need drilling NOW and we do not need cap and tax to put a further drain on our economy!

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Obamacare podcast

Cross Section Podcast

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Well Blanche, if you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em

Chicken Farm Bailout?.


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