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50 Billion Here, 50 Billion There….

So this week, the government program du-jour is a $50 billion dollar infrastructure plan to “rebuild roads, railways, and runways.” This is what President Obama now wants Congress to pass.

Looking back, wasn’t that what the $787 Billion dollar stimulus project was supposed to fix? Weren’t those supposed to be “shovel ready jobs” that would focus on infrastructure? So $787 Billion didn’t do it, but now we think that $50 billion more will?

Wake up Mr. Obama, hope is gone and there is no change left in the kitty. It’s time to smell the coffee, and take back congress, people! We’ve had enough Kool-Aid. Government spending will never turn an economy around. Only the ingenuity of the private sector can save us at this point and right now with all of the new rules, regulations, and anti-business environment that has taken over Washington, that possibility is also fading fast.

Get out there and make sure that in November, congress is NOT in the hands of the people who are spending us into oblivion!


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President Obama’s Grade Handling The Oil Spill……F

Right now some of you are saying that I’m unfair in my assessment. Where are your facts, you say. O.k. here are the reasons for a grade of F.

1. The delay in getting involved. President Obama took weeks to become engaged in this crisis.

2. The failure to clear the red tape so that people like Bobby Jindal could authorize the actions that would have kept a lot more of the oil off shore. Finally Bobby Jindal said just do it-we aren’t waiting any more. Go Bobby!

3. The failure to allow other countries with expertise in oil clean up come to help us. At least 13 offers of help from other countries/companies have been rejected. Shame on you Mr. Obama.

4. The move to stop all other deep water drilling until further notice. That reasoning is like saying, “Since we’ve had a car crash on I-80 that has backed up traffic for miles, no other cars may be made or sold until further notice.” That logic is warped! We still need the oil and those people still need those jobs!

5. The failure to allow drilling on land in places like Alaska that would be much safer than deep water drilling.

6. The attempt to take this awful oil spill and turn it into a launching pad for new energy taxes, cap and trade, and other progressive job killing legislation. Forget about cap and trade! CAP THE WELL!

My grade for the President……F.

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We Have Only Begun To Fight!!!

It was really hard to watch the Democrats pass a piece of legislation by 4 votes that will change 1/6 of our economy.  I have to admit it…I was disheartened.  I am mad.  However,  as I watched President Obama and Vice President Biden congratulating one another with a wink, nod, hug, oh…and profanity; my anger turned to resolve.

I am reminded of the response of the American people after 9/11.  I am reminded of the response of the American people after Pearl Harbor.  The day after these stunning defeats in our nation’s history, the resolve of the American people was amazing.   People started showing up at recruiting stations.  Communities started organizing to assist in whatever ways they could.   While Nancy Pelosi is grinning from ear to ear in her smug way, she should remember an interesting piece of history.  The Japanese admiral who planned the Pearl Harbor attack was Admiral Yamamoto.  He was educated in the United States as a young man.  He had witnessed capitalism and the American spirit in action and even as he ordered the attack; a cold chill permeated his heart which he expressed in his famous statement that he “feared that Japan had awakened a sleeping giant.”   He was right. 

Speaker Pelosi, you have awakened a sleeping giant in this country: a people who refuse to leave their children and grand children crippling debt, a proud people who do not need to have the government hold their hand from cradle to grave to survive, and a people who have historically always been ready to help their neighbors in need.

The battle plans are already in the works.  It will take every concerned citizen to be involved in these up and coming elections.  This is the election that we must take to the streets.  Our country stands on the precipice of history.  There is no time left.   Will you join the fight?  Will you be informed about your candidates?  Are you willing to hold your representative’s feet to the fire to ensure that this out of control spending stops?



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We Need Responsible Politicians and Responsible Citizens

I am over the moon that the election of Scott Brown put a halt to the inexorable march towards nationalized healthcare; and I am exhuberant  that liberals are deciding to retire rather than face the electorate in November.   So let’s take a moment to give a collective shout of joy for these momentous occasions.  While these are positive developments, we cannot lose sight of the enormous job before us. 

First  and foremost, we have to recruit and elect true conservatives who will give more than lip service to cutting spending.  Now here’s the tougher one.  We as the electorate need to be ready to say, “Yes! Cut the programs, cut the budget, and cut taxes.”  That’s a hard one because in the past we have howled about government spending; but we have not been willing to see funding for our favorite programs eliminated or decreased. 

We expect politicians to walk their talk and we should.  We should also walk our talk and support fiscal responsibility by not punishing our politicians when they start cutting the budget.  What’s more, we need to get back to helping our neighbors.  We need to pick up the slack and reach out when we see the need.   If we truly want the government to only take on those responsibilities listed in the constitution; then we need to be willing to stand in the gap and help our neighbors. 

Of course, first we need to get a Congress in place that will exercise fiscal responsibility.  Let’s keep working hard toward that end!  November is only months away!!


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Harry Reid to Senate: Let The Bribery Begin!

The cost of buying the Senator from Louisiana’s vote?  300 million dollars.

The cost of buying the Senator from Nebraska, Ben Nelson’s vote?  500 million dollars.

The cost of seeing their faces when they are voted out by angry constituents?  Priceless.

No, this isn’t the script of a commercial, this is actually happening.   Senators are lining up for payoffs for their states in exchange for voting for the still to be seen Health Reform Bill in the Senate.  If you live in Arkansas, don’t let Blanche Lincoln cast her vote without hearing your voice.  And this is my warning to our readers:  If this bill does actually pass (and I think that Harry Reid will make sure that he buys enough votes to make it pass); then watch out for the conference hearing on the bill-they aren’t through trying to sneak things by the American people.  Now a warning for Congress:  you vote for this bill and other tax and spend bills like it at your own peril.  The American people will not forget and we will be lining up at voting booths ready to vote you out!

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Identifying the “Fat Cats” in the Private Sector While Ignoring them in the Public Sector

Mr. Obama was on a tear telling the 60 Minutes interviewer that he did not come to Washington to help a bunch of “fat cats” on Wall Street.  Well, that’s just great.  I guess he just came to Washington to help the fat cats there!

Since Mr. Obama took office, government employees making over $170,00o per year have literally exploded.  Before he took office there was only one employee in the Department of Transportation making that amount.  Now there is over a thousand employees just in that one department alone making that princely sum. 

Most of the businesses that I am aware of have cut workers, cut salaries or frozen salaries due to the economic times that we find ourselves in.  Prudent measures that sometimes have to be taken to save a business from failing all together.  Not the government, though, while families and businesses are cutting their budgets, Washington is on a spending spree. 

Congress just sent to the President’s desk a spending bill with over 5000 earmarks that when totaled up was over 1.1 TRILLION dollars.  Apparently, budgeting, is only for us “little people”.   Oh, and while they’re spending like there’s no tomorrow with money that they printed up just for the occasion;  they are planning on taking over the health care system.  Are you kidding me!

I’m tired of it.  Let’s send a message to Washington.  Let’s vote out these tax and spenders.  Let’s take back our government.


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Blue Dogs or Lap Dogs….We’ll Find Out

52 Democrats refer to themselves as Blue Dog Democrats.  They are generally thought to be more fiscally conservative than their progressive counterparts.  Well, today, we will find out if the blue dogs actually have any teeth.  Today we will find out if they take their marching orders from Nancy Pelosi or the American people.

Today, the Pelosi Healthcare Takeover Bill is coming up for a vote and all week long Mrs. Pelosi and President Obama have been twisting arms, passing out pork, promises, threats and whatever it takes to get their Democratic members  in line to vote for the massive government take over of health care.

I have a message for those blue dogs… you vote for this atrocious bill at your own risk.  You will be sent to the “dog pound” in 2010 by your constituents if you do.  If you can’t bear your teeth and stand up to Pelosi to prevent passage of a 1.2 trillion dollar bill  that expands government and raises costs, then what good are you?

We are counting on you blue dogs.  Will you succumb to the power of Pelosi or will you stand up  for freedom, smaller government, lower costs, and common sense, incremental, health care reform.

So the question remains.  Blue Dogs or lap dogs……we’ll find out.

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