Down to the Wire!

The midterms are only a couple of weeks away and it is time to get serious. This is the time to take our stand against those who are intent on turning our free nation completely into a European style nanny state. Polls are tightening up as they always do this close to election time.

It’s not good enough this time simply JUST to cast your own ballot. This time we’ve got to get our friends and neighbors to the polls. Remind your facebook friends, tweet it, chat it….whatever it takes to get the word out. To help you out, here are a few different voting guides put out by different conservative groups for you to look at.

Let’s get out there and throw the bums out!


American Family Association (Click on your state.)

Christian Coalition of America (Click on “2010 Voter Guides Available”)

Eagle Forum – Scoreboard
Votes scored as important by Eagle forum

Family Research Council

Focus on the Family
(Click on “Get your free voter guide based on your ZIP code”)

National Right To Life
(Click on “Where Do the Candidates Stand on Life,” then your state.)

Voter’s Guide for the Serious Christian


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