What A Week! The Way We See It……..

This was a big week as we head toward the November elections. Here’s how we see it as we count down the week’s big stories:

#10 President Obama’s approval rating has hit an all time low of 42% approval according to a CNN poll. More people now say that they value a Tea Party endorsement more than the endorsement of the President.

#9 Bob Woodwards book is causing quite a stir in the Washington beltway. What caught our attention was President Obama’s statement that the United States could “absorb” another terrorist attack. Choice of words: appallingly callous and indifferent in our opinion. I wonder if it were his family under attack if he would “absorb” it. Also the book chronicles President Obama putting political cover above national interest in the Afghanistan conflict. Big surprise there….NOT.

#8 Once thought to be a shoe-in, Andrew Cuomo is only 6 points ahead of his challenger in the gubernatorial race in New York. If a Republican is running a close race in New York, which is a perennially blue state, you know the Democrats are worried about November!

#7 Steven Colbert was invited by the Dems to testify about illegal immigration on Capital Hill. The Dems should be ashamed of themselves for the inappropriateness of this and the monumental waste of time represented by his appearance. Nancy Pelosi said she supported any American’s right to appear before Congress. We wonder what she would think about Rush Limbaugh coming to Capital Hill to testify….

#6 Big shocker: Insurance companies are already raising their rates by as much as 25% in anticipation of the new Obamacare health rules and regulations. Weren’t insurance rates and costs supposed to decrease? Also, abortions ARE federally funded under the new laws, something we were promised would not happen.

#5 President Obama, who had a fundraiser in what should have been politically friendly territory in New York couldn’t muster a full house at the original price of $100 per ticket. Ticket prices were dropped to $50 per seat and they still had 200 empty seats in the venue that would have held less than 700 people. Can you imagine a scenario where Sarah Palin couldn’t fill a 700 seat venue for $100 per person? Can you imagine a scenario where she would not be able to fill 7000 seats? We can’t either.

#4 The Republicans released their new Pledge to America. Cross Section likes this because it tells what the GOP is for rather than just what they are against. A few of the major points are making the Bush tax cuts permanent, freezing all discretionary spending, and repealing and replacing Obamacare. This also gives the GOP a more offensive position rather than defensive.

#3 President Obama is now wanting Congress to make new “transaction taxes” on bank transactions. This man has never met a tax that he didn’t like.

#2 Home foreclosures which were supposed to go down with the help of the stimulus package, have actually gone up.

#1 In the midst of a supposedly friendly hand-picked crowd, President Obama found himself on the defensive with a woman who is afraid that her franks and beans days are once again just around the corner. This woman, by the way, is a chief financial officer and would be considered upper middle class. (Not the typical person one thinks of when thinking of those who are worried about finances.) Listen to this woman who admittedly supports President Obama, as she expresses her disappointment.

Well, that’s the week in review as we see it. What was your favorite story of the week? Let us know and join us on Facebook!


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