Walk A Mile In Israel’s Shoes

Three years ago, the terrorist organization called Hamas, violently took control of the Gaza strip. For three years they have been sending rockets into Israel through the funding of Iran and others. In order to prevent more weapons, more cash, and more terrorists from entering Gaza, Israel has had a naval blockade of Gaza, inspecting all ships wanting to go into Gaza.

So far, Israel’s actions make perfect sense, don’t they? After all, the tiny country of Israel is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of muslims who make no bones about their desire to drive Israel into the sea. Now we come to the boarding of the flotilla that was headed for Gaza that is making all of the news. As far as I can tell from reports, the ships were repeatedly asked to turn about. They were then told that they would be boarded to be inspected. When the soldiers (who were told to use force only in extreme cases) boarded the vessels, their pistols were taken from them and they were stabbed with knives and beaten with pipes.

My question is this; if you honestly put yourself in Israel’s shoes, and this was happening to our soldiers who had boarded a vessel to inspect say for drugs, who would you be condemning? Would you be condemning the soldiers who were doing their duty to protect their country, or the passengers and crews of the vessels who not only refused to follow the orders to leave, but started beating and stabbing the soldiers as they boarded?

Also take into account the fact that these “aid” vessels were financed by a Hamas front organization in Turkey, and for me the answer is clear. This could have been a peaceful boarding and inspection and the passengers chose to turn it into a battle. It is entirely possible that they did this knowing that they could turn the incident into a public relations battle for Israel. If this is the case, they were correct.

The U.N. hasn’t even been able to come to an agreement to condemn North Korea for sinking South Korea’s ship and yet they seem to have no trouble at all uniting in their condemnation of Israel. Anti-semitism definately did not die with Hitler. The U.S. has historically been Israel’s biggest defender. The statements by the Obama administration are a clear indication that this is no longer the case. We had better be careful. If we turn away from Israel, we are turning our backs on the only true democracy in the Middle East. If we turn our back on Israel, we are turning our back on a country that has always been our friend.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that the world has turned upside down when we see our president bowing to other leaders, condemning our friends, and apologizing to our enemies.


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