Read The Law Before You Get Mad At Arizona!

I’m dumbfounded by the reaction of people who are condemning Arizona. Everybody talks about illegal immigration but nobody, it seems, really wants to do anything about it.

If people would actually take time to read the law that was signed in Arizona before getting all wee wee’d up; they would see that this is actually a pretty common sense law. Police are only allowed to check on immigration status when they have legitimately stopped someone for probable cause on something else. The law also specifically prohibits racial profiling. Law Enforcement are also being given additional training in what all of this means and the proper way they should react.

So what is the big deal? We have to stop being so concerned about being politically correct and start worrying about just being correct. We already have laws on the books which make it a crime to come into this country illegally. So, why are people upset that Arizona is trying to actually enforce the law?

One need only look at the financial situation in Arizona as well as the criminal statistics to know why this law makes sense and why so many people in Arizona and surrounding states are fed up with illegal immigration. For example, 20% of the prisoners in the Maricopa County Jail are illegals (excuse me, undocumented workers). No, I meant what I said, they are here illegally, so what is wrong with saying illegal aliens? That is the legal description. If you are here legally and lose your identification papers then I would call you an undocumented worker. Back to my point: how much money could Maricopa County save if suddenly all 20% of those illegal aliens were not in their county jail, but back in their home countries? What would happen to the amount of crime in Maricopa county if those people were in their home countries and not in Phoenix, Arizona?

I am all for legal immigration, don’t get me wrong. My forefathers immigrated to the United States from Germany in the early 1900’s. However, they did it legally. Our country simply cannot sustain the economic losses that illegal immigration brings with it.

Bottom line: Leave Arizona alone they are dealing with a difficult problem the best way they know how to. No, I’m wrong, let’s not leave Arizona alone, let’s support them!



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2 responses to “Read The Law Before You Get Mad At Arizona!

  1. This is a bill 70% of Arizona’s citizens wanted and the reason they’re having this problem to begin with is because the Federal Government hasn’t done it job in securing the border. They have just been teasing us for decades and done almost nothing to secure it. Not only are the illegals committing all kinds of crimes, they are raping Texan women and murdering innocent citizens of Texas, along with the drug cartels moving in on the border of Texas and terrorizing Texas citizens. So Arizona had to do something, I also saw where Utah is considering the same legislation. When G.W. Bush considered amnesty just 3 or 4 yrs ago around 80% of US citizens were against it, so let’s get off Arizona’s back and support them before the State goes under due to the financial drain of illegal immigration. Not only is it 20% illegals in their prisons, they are out money for schooling the illegal children,hospital expenses, doctor expenses, medicaid , medicare,extra law enforcement expenses and all kinds of expenses due the illegals being there. So as the old saying goes, “lets walk a mile in their shoes” before we’re so quick to judge them. The reason California has come out so strong is because they are already taken over by illegals and legal hispanics and practically run the State. So the governor is simply saving his skin by doing what he is doing.

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