Day 4 in New Orleans, Interviews and Straw Poll Results

Day four has started off with a bang. We interviewed Dr. Mark Green who has written the book “A Night With Saddam”. He was so interesting. Dr. Green spoke with Saddam Hussein for about 5 1/2 hours shortly after he was captured. This was the first substantive conversation with the dictator. Be sure and check out Dr. Green’s website. There is a link to it on our blogroll.

We are here in the ball room waiting for the speakers to begin. Today we will hear from Mike Pence of Indiana, Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, Michael Steele of the RNC, and Ron Paul of Texas.

Cross Section had the honor of interviewing Herman Cain today. He is really fun to talk to. Audio of that interview will be posted as soon as possible. Cain then spoke to the whole assembly of delegates and by the time he was finished everyone was on their feet. He also hinted at the possibility of a presidential run!

After speaking to Herman Cain, we interviewed Doyle Webb who is the Arkansas state GOP chairman. He feels that chances are very good that the GOP will pick up at least a couple of seats in the House and very possibly a senate seat. He is very happy with the field of candidates that are running in the primary and it should be a good November for the GOP in Arkansas. We will have that audio soon as well.

Next we were extremely honored to have Haley Barbour, governor of the great state of Mississippi. He spoke at length about the new health care law and how it would negatively impact the country. Mississippi has joined the lawsuit being brought by several of the states to contest the constitutionality of the law. Thank you, Governor Barbour! What a gentleman he was. It was a great experience and we were thrilled to get to talk to him. Sean Hannity asked him if he was considering a run in 2012 and his answer was that we should not worry about 2012 right now. Right now it is just important to get as many conservatives elected in November 2010 as we can. If you ask me, the country would be in good hands if we elected Haley Barbour.

We will have the Haley Barbour interview posted in mp3 format as soon as possible, so be watching for it! In the mean time we will be posting pictures.

The straw poll resulted in Mitt Romney winning by one vote, followed by Ron Paul. Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin followed closely behind.


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