Let’s hear from Toby

In an article in the New York Times dated March 31st (http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/03/31/publicist-for-toby-keith-also-baffled-by-interview-on-palin-show/) Elaine Schock, The publicist for Toby Keith complains about his interview being used in Governor Palin’s Real American Stories that aired on the Fox News Channel last evening. This interview was a wonderful tribute to the singer’s father as well as praise for what Toby Keith does for the troops. When Ms. Schock was asked how Mr. Keith felt about the interview being aired, she refused to comment. Let’s all contact Ms. Schock and request a comment from the singer, not her. She has chosen to step out and criticize Fox News and Ms. Palin. We would like to know if this is how Mr. Keith feels as well. You may contact her by email or phone at the contacts listed below:

Phone: 818-932-0001

Email: elaine@shockink.com



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2 responses to “Let’s hear from Toby

  1. Wilma

    I would like to know why you feel the need to attack Sarah Palin? If this is indeed the way Toby Keith feels about Sarah, he needs to speak out for himself.
    If Toby responds in a negative way, I will no longer see him as a gentleman and will discourage my friends and family from participating in any of his projects. I do this with all actors, actresses, politicians, singers, musicians, comedians, talk show hosts, news anchors and anyone else who feels the need to degrade Sarah Palin on any level.

  2. I would like to think Toby Keith’s personal views are not represented in this. If that is the case, I expect to see him fire her for this matter. If he doesn’t, then I will treat him as I now treat the Dixie Tramps…

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