We Have Only Begun To Fight!!!

It was really hard to watch the Democrats pass a piece of legislation by 4 votes that will change 1/6 of our economy.  I have to admit it…I was disheartened.  I am mad.  However,  as I watched President Obama and Vice President Biden congratulating one another with a wink, nod, hug, oh…and profanity; my anger turned to resolve.

I am reminded of the response of the American people after 9/11.  I am reminded of the response of the American people after Pearl Harbor.  The day after these stunning defeats in our nation’s history, the resolve of the American people was amazing.   People started showing up at recruiting stations.  Communities started organizing to assist in whatever ways they could.   While Nancy Pelosi is grinning from ear to ear in her smug way, she should remember an interesting piece of history.  The Japanese admiral who planned the Pearl Harbor attack was Admiral Yamamoto.  He was educated in the United States as a young man.  He had witnessed capitalism and the American spirit in action and even as he ordered the attack; a cold chill permeated his heart which he expressed in his famous statement that he “feared that Japan had awakened a sleeping giant.”   He was right. 

Speaker Pelosi, you have awakened a sleeping giant in this country: a people who refuse to leave their children and grand children crippling debt, a proud people who do not need to have the government hold their hand from cradle to grave to survive, and a people who have historically always been ready to help their neighbors in need.

The battle plans are already in the works.  It will take every concerned citizen to be involved in these up and coming elections.  This is the election that we must take to the streets.  Our country stands on the precipice of history.  There is no time left.   Will you join the fight?  Will you be informed about your candidates?  Are you willing to hold your representative’s feet to the fire to ensure that this out of control spending stops?




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7 responses to “We Have Only Begun To Fight!!!

  1. I hope these resistance efforts pay dividends eventually.

  2. Lou

    Here in Colorado my Rep Ed Permutter dismissed any opinion that opposed the healthcare bill with the reply of “no is not an option”. I know at least my family and friends wont be voting to allow him to stay in office.

  3. Yes this fight isn’t over….if you know the Constitution, if you really know it,then you know the States have the final say on this by using “nullification” of a unconstitutional federal law. If it’s not one of the central government’s “enumerated powers” and health care or mandate citizens buy a product is not, the states can simply pass a law and nullify it……game over ….(that is if they have the backbone & guts to do it….like Virginia did recently)

  4. Carl

    The battle started a long time ago. Unfortunately I was busy working 80 hours a week to get involved in politics.

    Both sides of the aisle have been spending like made and ignoring Constitutional and States Rights.

    I’m starting from the bottom up, with my Mayor.

  5. liz from canada

    What a sad time for America!Your founders had integrity.Obama has not! He can destroy your exceptional nation! Also sad for the world.

  6. liz from canada

    What a sad time for America! The 56 men had everything to lose nothing to gain except one thing FREEDOM!!!!Now Americans are not FREE anymore. Also a sad day for the world!

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