Stop The Slaughter

Rep. Louise Slaughter attempts to silence the American People by "deeming" the health care bill passed.

Representative Louise Slaughter , Chairman House Rules Committee, is attempting to use a “self executing rule” that would send obamacare to the President for his signature.  The procedure is described in this Wall Street Journal article:

It is imperative that we contact the nine Democratic members of the House Rules Committee and tell them that we are apalled that such a measure would be considered and implore them to vote no on the measure.

Representative Louise M. Slaughter      202-225-3615     

Representative Joe McGovern            (202) 225-6101

Representative Alcee Hastings          (202) 225-1313     

Representative Doris Matsui             202.225.7163     

Representative Dennis Cardoza           (202) 225-6131    

Representative Mike Arcuri           (202)225-3665     

Representative Ed Permutter         202.225.2645     

Representative Chellie Pingree       (202) 225-6116     

Representative Jared Polis        202.225.2161



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4 responses to “Stop The Slaughter

  1. crosssection

    So, the Dems don’t want to go on record with an actual vote? Well, the American people are not stupid and it’s about time that Nancy Pelosi quits treating us that way!

    Let me clue you in Nancy- if you use the Slaughter solution, you will be using those words to describe what happens to the Dems in the November election!

  2. crosssection

    I have gotten through to nearly all of the rules committee members that are listed in the above article. Let’s make a difference and make sure that they know our opinion!

  3. Wow! This is probably the most interesting info I have found on this subject on the net. Would you accept hosting guest articles from others?

  4. jim

    Great idea, posted the same, been calling and faxing these bozos. Jim

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