Nancy Pelosi: “It will take courage to vote for the health care bill.”

Nancy Pelosi has told her Democratic colleagues that it will take courage to vote for the sweeping healthcare bill that will alter 1/6 of our economy.  I say it will take more than courage.

Let’s see, what else will it take to vote for the health care bill….hmmmm…….

  • Legislators will have to have the ability to ignore the wishes of their constituents who in poll after poll have said that they do not want this bill.
  • It will take the ability to look past the mountain of debt that already exists and the country’s inability to pay for this bill.
  • They will also have to have the ability to conveniently forget that medicare and social security are on the brink of bankruptcy.
  • Legislators will have to be able to look past and forget about the numerous other countries who are going broke because of socialized medicine.
  • It will take the ability to forget that the United States spends the most on healthcare because we have the highest level of medical technology. (Remember when well healed Canadians need healthcare, they come to the USA.)
  • It will take an astonishing lack of common sense to think that anything that the government does could actually save money.  (How many government plans have actually succeeded in lowering costs on anything?)
  • It will take an ability to forget that the Republicans have offered some ideas that would actually cut costs and could be done in the private sector. (tort reform, health savings accounts, etc.)

Well, I guess it will take more than courage to vote for this bill, Ms. Pelosi.


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20 responses to “Nancy Pelosi: “It will take courage to vote for the health care bill.”

  1. crosssection

    One thing we forgot….They will have to be able to forget about what happened recently in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts.

    • MTR

      Simply put, they will have to be lockstep lemmings willing to jump off the cliff for their party. It’s funny how the left accused the Republicans of being extremely partisan and now we see it to an extreme with them.

      What people don’t really realize (thanks to the MSM) is that the health care bill could have been passed without one Republican vote. The problem is the Democrats couldn’t even get their own party on board. In all actuality this happened with LBJ and the civil rights bill. He had to go to the GOP so the Civil Rights legislation could be enacted. So that was a Republican bill in all actuality.

      This time around, the Republicans, so far, have the fortitude to stand up for what is right and not support the health care legislation. Now it’s time to see what the Blue Dogs are made of.

  2. Pelosi is attempting to send her fellow Democrats on a health care jihad to commit political suicide. I almost hope it passes just so the American citizens can vote ’em all out in November and 2012

  3. betsyboss

    Right on.

  4. TeeJaw

    I hoped it doesn’t pass and the voters still vote them all out.

  5. You guys are brilliant…keep up the great work!!!

  6. armageddonoutahere

    You certainly covered it all in a nice concise way. I
    only hope they’ll reap what they are sowing. We’ll
    see what their ‘lock step marching’ will do to them
    in November. We The People will remember.

  7. Michael

    Democrats are probably cooked this November, HCR or not. That’s just the way politics goes in this country.

    But the thing about the HCR bill is that, if it’s passed, once it actually starts going into effect, everybody’s going to like it. Let’s have a conversation about it in two years. See you then.

    • z73421

      And people would like it if the government stood on the street corner passing out $100 bills. Until the money runs out. And guess what? The money HAS run out. CBO is not estimating that the Obama debt bubble is going to be much worse than awful previous forecast. We can have a conversation in two years, but it might have to be in Chinese.

  8. indyfromaz

    But they will get their Holy Grail. The ability to decide who lives and who dies.
    Doesn’t that just send a tingle up your leg? 🙂

  9. newschaser


    A truly wonderful site and a great set of points driven home with wit.

    The HC legislation is greatly flaws in its language, cost structure, and intrusion on personal liberty. Better if individuals and families are empowered with decent jobs and given an opportunity to create wealth, freedom to choose a plan of their choice, and more direct access to negotiate pricing with a doctor rather than a government bureaucracy controlling everything. Even better, get real tort reform to take out the legitimate paranoia doctors face with defensive medicine, and reduce costs. I appreciate your effort here Crosssection. – Newschaser

  10. dancingczars

    Wow, this is an outstanding read, you certainly have a great way with words. Thanks for leaving a post, I wouldn’t not have found you, your bullets are classic. I’m bookmarking you page, will be back, Thanks I’m Jim

  11. oldhardhead


    Very good points, Crossection. I guess it will take more than courage, it will take their desire to retire!

    Let’s help them retire November 2, 2010 when we vote.

    I’ll add you to my bloglist, if you don’t mind.

  12. desert boy

    trishothinks – I’ve been saying for a long time Pelosi is on drugs and needs rehab – but her staff gets terrably defensive when you politely mention the obvious – acknowleging the problem is the first step – but the speaker has no clothes – Anti-depressants or mood elevators with an occasional glass of wine from her winery would be my guess of her drug of choice. Makes you wonder what the congressional clinic or dispensory is like. So do they have agroup of 10 or so doctors that will pretty much give these “Big Shots” whatever they want? In other words do we have a bunch of “pill doctors” suppling our congress? What about the White House? This would expain a lot, wouldn’t it, huh, Nancy and what about you Barney Franks?

    • trishothinks

      Desert boy- I wouldn’t doubt it if they have their own pharmacy right there in Congress and the White House….just partying it up….screwing up the country…..and they haven’t a clue what they are doing.

      I also have a theory that Pelosi is an alien…..that would explain a lot too.


  13. dancingczars

    I believe we need to get one thing clear. It’s one thing to take one for the team, but an entirely different story to “walk the plank for the skank” J.C.

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