We Need Responsible Politicians and Responsible Citizens

I am over the moon that the election of Scott Brown put a halt to the inexorable march towards nationalized healthcare; and I am exhuberant  that liberals are deciding to retire rather than face the electorate in November.   So let’s take a moment to give a collective shout of joy for these momentous occasions.  While these are positive developments, we cannot lose sight of the enormous job before us. 

First  and foremost, we have to recruit and elect true conservatives who will give more than lip service to cutting spending.  Now here’s the tougher one.  We as the electorate need to be ready to say, “Yes! Cut the programs, cut the budget, and cut taxes.”  That’s a hard one because in the past we have howled about government spending; but we have not been willing to see funding for our favorite programs eliminated or decreased. 

We expect politicians to walk their talk and we should.  We should also walk our talk and support fiscal responsibility by not punishing our politicians when they start cutting the budget.  What’s more, we need to get back to helping our neighbors.  We need to pick up the slack and reach out when we see the need.   If we truly want the government to only take on those responsibilities listed in the constitution; then we need to be willing to stand in the gap and help our neighbors. 

Of course, first we need to get a Congress in place that will exercise fiscal responsibility.  Let’s keep working hard toward that end!  November is only months away!!



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2 responses to “We Need Responsible Politicians and Responsible Citizens

  1. Mary B.

    Thanks for explaining some of that for me, and thanks for keeping watch.

  2. Just discovered your website and I think it’s awesome. Gotyou bookmarked so I can come back and check out some more articles. It’s apparent you know what you’re talking about…

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