Massachusetts Says, “Can You Hear Me Now?”

Oh the irony.  In what is perhaps the most stunning political upset in the last 100 years, the senate seat that was held by Ted Kennedy for nearly half a century has gone to a Republican.  Massachusetts, which is as blue a state as you can get,  has chosen a Republican to represent them in the United States Senate.  Massachusetts, the state where the original tea party in Boston Harbor was held; has held another tea party of sorts.    This time the message did not have to travel across an ocean to a king, but only across the potomac to Washington, D.C. 

 The question is why?   Why would a state, who proudly calls themselves liberals,  give a Republican candidate the vacated seat of the champion of the public option in  health care?

The answer,  in my opinion,  is that they have had enough.  Enough of what? 

  • Government spending that will leave our great great grandchildren broke
  • Secret, closed door meetings where the oligarchy of Reid, Pelosi, and Obama decide what will go in a bill
  • Payoffs of Senators, and special interest groups (unions)  in order to pass a bill
  • The arrogant attitude that Washington knows what’s best for you
  • Terrorists moving to our shores
  • Constantly punishing the producers of this country with higher and higher taxes, because, let’s face it: if your business is profitable and productive you must be a greedy capitalist pig!

Listen up, Washington;  we have had it!  Can you imagine what will happen in the November 2010 election if you continue to choose not to listen to us?  Can you imagine the level of discontent in the middle of the country if an extremely blue, east coast state was angry enough to elect a Republican? 

Are you listening Washington D.C.?  We know that the fate of our country is in your hands, but know this; your fate  is in OUR hands, so make your next decisions wisely.  Either listen to your constituents or get ready to pack your bags!


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