How’s Your Hope, Change, and Transparency Going For You?

Mr. Obama promised that transparency would be the rule in his White House.  Nancy Pelosi declared that she would “drain the swamp.”  Well, I’ve got some swamp land in Arizona that I’d like to sell you, too!

Not only have the bills been done in secret, only shown to the Congress at the last possible moment; but now, instead of a full conference committee on the health care bill which would include Republicans, the White House has issued marching orders for Congress:  NO CONFERENCE COMMITTEE!  Let’s do it in secret and let’s get it done fast.

O.k. Congress, listen to me.  WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED A HERO!  In fact, we need a few.  We need a few Dems to stand up and say this isn’t right.  We need someone with morals, and inner fortitude to say NO!   THIS IS NOT HOW OUR FOREFATHERS WOULD DO THIS!!  We need honest politicians who put their country first.  Yes I said honest politicians.  I don’t know when we stopped expecting honest people to run for office, but let’s set the bar higher!  I expect my representatives to represent me, not special interests, and not their political party.

Let’s call those Senators and those Representatives and give them an ear full!  Fax, email, and most importantly, show up at their offices with your grievances and then let’s send them a strong message in November and kick them out of office if they don’t do what’s right.


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