Happy New Year From The Ladies Of The Cross Section!

Beth, Bea, and I wish everyone a very happy New Year.   We have reasons to be very optimistic about our future as long as we as citizens care enough to get involved in our political process.  One of the best things that happened in 2009 was the Tea Party phenomenom.  Millions of Americans got involved and we let our voices be heard.

As one lady said at one of the many town hall meetings: “You have awakened a sleeping giant!”  She was right on.  We’ve never seen conservatives take their message to the street and to Capital Hill as they did in 2009.  Whether it was Cap and Tax, Health Care “Reform”, or the Stimulus Package, Americans stood up and said, “No!”  Great job tea partiers!  Party on!

2010 promises to be an exciting year.  Don’t be silenced by the media elite and don’t be discouraged by the political status quo.  Let’s get out there and take back our country in 2010!  Happy New Year!


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