The 21st Century Louisiana Purchase

Representative Cao from the New Orlean’s congressional district was promised financial help for New Orlean’s and what was the quid pro quo?  Cao promised to vote yes on the House version of healthcare reform. 

Mary Landrieu, Senator from Louisiana was bought off with the promise of $300,000,000 for Louisiana.

Isn’t it ironic that the Senator from Louisiana was bought off with money that the country doesn’t have; to get a yes vote on a health bill that the United States also can’t pay for?  Is this not the biggest shell game in history?

Well, the question is, what will President Obama and Harry Reid have to come up with to buy Blanche Lincoln’s vote?  I’m hopeful that the voices of her constituents will be enough to keep her on the straight and narrow and that she will vote no on the Senate version.  The most recent polls say that Arkansans are solidly against the government take over of health care that the Senate and House are proposing. 

Senator Lincoln should remember that Arkansans expect their elected leaders to vote the way their constituents want them to vote-not the way Harry Reid and the President want them to vote!  Not only that, she should remember that we will not forget how she voted on this issue when we go to the polls in 2010!


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