Aiding and Abetting the Enemy

Let’s just call it what it is Eric Holder and President Obama should be tried for aiding and abetting the enemy.  They should also be tried for putting  the American public at greater risk and denounced for trampling on the memories of those who lost their lives on 9/11. 

Today it is announced that the five masterminds of 9/11 being held in Guantanamo Bay will be transferred to New York City to face a CIVIL trial for crimes that they committed on a foreign field of battle.  I keep thinking that the outrages that are coming from this White House will stop and everyday something new is announced that shocks and saddens me more than the previous announcements. 

Make no mistake, this is not about justice.  This is about Eric Holder and President Obama getting their liberal pound of flesh by forcing a civilian court to take up the issues of wire tapping procedures, waterboarding and other interrogation techniques employed under the Bush administration.  These men may very well end up going free because of this reckless adventure in political payback. Civilian courts are not equipped to deal with military detainees and the White House knows it-so what else can this be? 

Think about it, these enemies of the state, who were arrested in a foreign country by military personnel were not mirandized.  They didn’t have an attorney present when they were questioned, two things that could have their cases thrown out in a civilian trial.  And why weren’t they mirandized and given legal counsel?  BECAUSE THEY ARE ENEMY COMBATANTS, ENEMIES OF THIS COUNTRY and soldiers take prisoners of war, they don’t arrest suspects.  These men should be tried in a military tribunal-no doubt about it. 

Also think about this.  How badly do you think Al Qaeda would love to attack New York City again to get to those men?  How many lives will be in mortal danger just because those five terrorists are on American soil? 

Here’s another question.  Why does our President seem to have more respect for the rights of terrorists than he does for American citizens?  Here’s another:  why are we tolerating a president and an Attorney General that aids and abets the enemy like this?


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