Blue Dogs or Lap Dogs….We’ll Find Out

52 Democrats refer to themselves as Blue Dog Democrats.  They are generally thought to be more fiscally conservative than their progressive counterparts.  Well, today, we will find out if the blue dogs actually have any teeth.  Today we will find out if they take their marching orders from Nancy Pelosi or the American people.

Today, the Pelosi Healthcare Takeover Bill is coming up for a vote and all week long Mrs. Pelosi and President Obama have been twisting arms, passing out pork, promises, threats and whatever it takes to get their Democratic members  in line to vote for the massive government take over of health care.

I have a message for those blue dogs… you vote for this atrocious bill at your own risk.  You will be sent to the “dog pound” in 2010 by your constituents if you do.  If you can’t bear your teeth and stand up to Pelosi to prevent passage of a 1.2 trillion dollar bill  that expands government and raises costs, then what good are you?

We are counting on you blue dogs.  Will you succumb to the power of Pelosi or will you stand up  for freedom, smaller government, lower costs, and common sense, incremental, health care reform.

So the question remains.  Blue Dogs or lap dogs……we’ll find out.


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