Taking a Lesson From the Main Stream Media

Yes,  I did say taking a lesson from the main stream media.  Normally I’m not a big fan of the mainstream media.  However, on Thursday, October 22nd, The White House, in the latest of attempts to shut down freedom of the press, tried to keep Fox News out of press pool interviews at the Department of Treasury.  In what was either an act of courage or fear that they could be next, the mainstream media came to the defense of Fox News and said if they aren’t invited to the interview, we won’t do the interview either. 

This act of unity on the part of these news organizations put a stop to the bullying tactics of the White House…at least for the moment.  This is the lesson:  If we want to stop our constitution from being torn asunder, piece by piece, then we have to stay united.  We must speak as one and say to the administration and congress that we will not tolerate our freedoms being dismantled.   Here are a few of our rights that are under attack:

  • The right to keep and bear arms as stated in the 2nd amendment
  • The right to have private property and to do with that private property as we wish
  • Freedom in media, including radio, tv, and the internet as shown in the attempts to bring back the Fairness Doctrine, network neutrality, and the attacks on Fox News.
  • The right of companies to decide what they pay their executives

United we stand, divided we fall.


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