Al Gore Gets Greener Every Year-And You Are Paying For It

Al Gore would like for you, the American tax payer,  to pony up $529 million dollars in loans for Fisker Automotive.  This is a “green” car company that Al is involved with.  Well, maybe if it’s going to give us jobs that would be o.k., you say.  Nope, the jobs are going to FINLAND.  That’s right.  Our government is going to give over half a billion dollars to hire people in Finland to make green cars.

Well, maybe if these green cars are going to be the answer for the average joe to be able to buy a great hybrid at a low price, you say.  Nope.  The cost PER CAR will be $89,000.  $89,000!  O.k., so we are creating jobs in a foreign country so that a few rich people can buy a Karma (the name of the vehicle).  If you ask me, that’s bad karma for our country!

Why, you may ask, if this is such a terrific car, are there not investors lining up to put their venture capital into it?  That’s a good question and the answer is, they were probably not able to convince anyone to put money into the Karma.  That is why they have come calling on Uncle Sam to fund their dream. 

This is, once again, why government should not be in business.  Waste and poor decisions for what?  So that people in Finland can have jobs?  This is why ex-politicians should not be able to use their connections to tap into pork barrel spending.  Which brings me back to Al Gore. 

Al Gore has had a good decade.  I mean a really good decade.  It started out kind of rocky, I mean with him losing the election and all; but after that things just kept getting better and better.  He started out in 2001 with an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars.  Now that’s pretty good by anyone’s standards.  In 2008, however, his net worth was estimated at $100 million dollars.  Green has been very kind to Al Gore.  So, I ask the question, does the green in Al’s pocket have anything to do with the green he’s preaching?

Al Gore is fleecing the American people with the consent of the American government.  I’m tired of paying for this stuff-how about you.


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