Where To Start?

I’ve been thinking about what I should focus on for this blog entry.  I’ve been reading news stories, watching reports on tv, and generally just thinking about all that is going on and I have come to a conclusion.  I just don’t even know where to begin with all that is troubling me.  Here are just a few of my choices:

I thought about discussing how troubling it is that public school children were taught songs extolling the virtues of President Obama in an exercise eerily similar to what North Korean children are taught about their dear leader.  What I would end up saying is, wake up parents!  Public school systems are run by people in the NEA (The National Education Association) which is the largest labor union in America.  They heavily support the Democratic party and they heavily support President Obama.  Parents, we need to step up vigilance and know what is happening in the schools!

Then I thought about how troubling it is that Max Baucus is trying to place a gag order on Humana and companies like Humana simply for sending out a mailer that lists the possible effects on Medicare if Health Reform legislation passes.  Then I would end up saying, wake up America!  Stand up for free speech!  Oh, and then ask yourself, why would Congress be afraid of people being told things about proposed legislation?  I mean if it’s going to be wonderful for everyone, wouldn’t they want the details shouted from the highest peaks?

Then I thought about how troubling it is that Iran is now operating a second nuclear facility that is capable of processing uranium in sufficient quantities for the bomb and we are sitting on our hands telling them that they better play nice or else.  But then I’d only end up saying, wake up voters!  You voted for a community organizer with no national security experience and you expect a different result?

So, here’s the thing…Let’s WAKE UP and DO SOMETHING, PEOPLE!  Let’s Get involved.  We live in a representative democracy.  That system REQUIRES involvement by WE THE PEOPLE!


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