Only Experienced People Need Apply

Remember the heady days of the election when everyone was all about hope and change.  Maybe this would be a whole new Camelot era with children in the White House again!  Do you remember how those who dared to mention the lack of experience of the Senator from Illinois were portrayed as probably racist and most likely just pessimistic people with nothing better to do?  Well, (to put it in the words of the Reverend Wright), it appears that our chickens have come home to roost.

We are now finding out that experience does indeed matter.  That people who would dare to be the Commander in Chief should have at least some experience in managing more than just a campaign staff.  I’m sorry, but being a community organizer and a one term Senator was simply not enough.

In just the last week, President Obama has scrapped plans for a missile defense system that was promised to our allies,  has emboldened the Russians and the Iranians with this lack of intestinal fortitude, and has unintentionally pushed the Israelis closer to taking matters into their own hands with the Iranians.  It seems that a little foreign policy experience or even military experience would be beneficial just now.

Now we find out that the commander on the ground in Afghanistan, General McChrystal, is saying that unless more troops are sent there, success in that conflict may not be possible.  So, my question is, what does our Community Organizer in Chief think that we should do about this situation? 

Sometimes experience is important. Substance is nothing to scoff at and charisma will only take you so far.  People  that are not so hooked on Hollywood and looking good on camera already know this.  Shame on us for calling people with genuine concerns racist.  Shame on us for putting so much emphasis on how we feel about a candidate based on looks and charisma.  Shame on us for not emphasizing what the candidate actually brings to the table as far as experience, leadership, and knowledge.

In the next election, let’s say that only experienced people need apply!



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2 responses to “Only Experienced People Need Apply

    • crosssection

      President Bush didn’t have a lot of experience in those areas; however, he was a Governor which is an executive position with powers over the state’s National Guard troops, budgetary responsibilities and being responsible for the various departments of government in that state.

      Also President Bush served in the National Guard, so he at least knew a little about what it means to serve our country in uniform.

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