President Obama Gets the Gong

When I was a kid there was a weird show called the Gong Show.  Different performers would come out and do their act.  They were allowed to continue performing unless they got “gonged” by the panel of judges.

Lately you can’t go anywhere without seeing President Obama bring out his “I Love Healthcare Reform” act.  It’s usually in front of a friendly crowd who wildly applaud and smile.  I’d like to see him do an authentic town hall with no pre-set audience and no screening of questions.  I’d watch that one. 

Rasmussen is telling the story today with their latest poll.  56% of those polled oppose the plan being trotted out by democrats and the President.  That number includes 44% who strongly oppose the plan.  You can link to the article here:

Well, the act is getting old.  The American people are growing weary of politicians telling lies.  Yes I said it, lies.  They low-ball the costs and they play shell games with how they plan to pay for such a scheme.  The big gong is in the hand of the American people and collectively we are saying, GONGGGGGGGGGG.  Take a seat-the act is over-go home.


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