Please Like Me!!!! (Applies Only To Foes and Not Friends)

The Bush administration promised missile defense to our friends the Czechs and the Poles.  The Czech Republic and Poland are two countries whose  people have lived through war, communism, starvation, and atrocities that we can’t even imagine.   In the 90s they finally attained freedom and democracy. 

The people in those countries have supported the United States in the recent Gulf War by sending troops.  Even though they weren’t able to send many, none the less, they have been supportive of our efforts to fight terrorism and bring democracy to Iraq.  Why?  Because they know what it’s like to not have your freedom.  They know what oppression is.

Now, after the United States had told them that we would put missile defense in their countries to protect them from the likes of Iran; President Obama  pulls the rug out from under them.  (Wasn’t this the President who wanted to shore up our reputation in the rest of the World?  I guess he’s only concerned about improving our reputation with countries like Iran and Russia.

Now, on the same day that we renege on our promise to help protect Europe with a missile defense shield, we hear that the IAEA says that Iran has the bomb and that they are working on-wait for it-long range missiles that they can attach a nuclear warhead to. 

Then the real kicker: today the Secretary General of NATO says we ought to link up our missile shield with Russia’s.  I guess that’s because they’ve been so trustworthy in the past.  Me thinks there’s something rotten in Denmark-or is that Washington D.C. and Moscow.

Gee, Mr. President, I hope that putting our nation’s security and the security of our allies at risk is worth them liking us more!


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