Tea Partiers Take On Washington D.C.!

In December 1773, colonists decided to dump tea in the Boston Harbor to send a message to the oppressive King of England.  The message was no taxation without representation.  Protesting against government has never been easy and 200+ years later it isn’t any easier.

After the Boston Tea Party it was a long, drawn out slog until the end of the American Revolution in 1781 and make no mistake, we are in for a long battle as well.   We must have patience, and we must not get discouraged.  We must have the same courage of our convictions as those patriots of old. 

Today our grievances have different names.   Today the names of our grievances are Cap and Trade, government health insurance, Card Check, and out of control spending on many other things that our Constitution never envisioned.

Today we do not protest against a King, but against a President intent on the “remaking of America” and a Congress that apparently doesn’t know how to exercise fiscal responsibility. 

To the President, I say America doesn’t need to be remade.  I’m proud of our Country.   To the Congress I say, start looking at the big picture and instead of trying to get re-elected, try doing what is best for the future of our children and their children.  Stand up for once and say we will not spend one more dollar on ear marks.  We will not mortgage our country’s future just to secure re-election. 

America has never been a government project.  America is a mosaic of individual achievement and creativity which when unleashed works together like a well oiled machine.  Government just needs to get out of the way and let the people get to work.   

To the thousands of Tea Partiers, I say my hat’s off to you.  Hang in there and don’t give up the fight!  Get ready folks, it may be a long, drawn out battle, but I think that those partiers of 1773 would say the rewards are worth it!


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One response to “Tea Partiers Take On Washington D.C.!

  1. MaryLou

    We should not rest until those that have broken the laws are in jails. Everything you say is right on target. Government spending on all new programs must stop immediately. Re Evaluation. The President is a crafty public speaker but he LIES. He says he is and has always been in support of a single payer system and then in the next breath says that open competition is the best way to keep prices down. He intends to put all the private companies out of business. He intends to expand government beyond your wildest nightmares. We have a choice between communism or liberty and we must act now.

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