From Tiny Acorns, Mighty Criminals Will Grow

Yesterday, I watched a video of two ACORN employees being taped unknowingly.  An underage girl came in saying that she was a prostitute there with her “boyfriend” wanting some tax advice and help getting a place to stay.  The ACORN employees not only encouraged the girl, telling her she should be proud, they also told her how she could lie on her taxes, and how she could claim 13 underage prostitutes from another country as dependents. 

They didn’t care that she was in a horrible situation.  They didn’t bat an eyelash at giving out advice on how to break the law.  They didn’t seem to be phased at all by the story they were hearing.

Are we still not ready to say that this is a criminal organization when in at least 16 states ACORN has been investigated for voter registration fraud.  Are we so numb that we don’t see the pattern emerging?

For one thing, why are we allowing these types of groups to register people to vote.  When I turned 18, I had to go down to the courthouse and fill out a card and show my drivers license to prove to the people that I was who I said I was.  Yes, it did take a little effort and yes it did take some time-(I had to drive to another town where the county court house was.)  But it was worth it.  It should take a little effort to become a voter.  Voting is a right and a privilege.  Voting is our duty as citizens.  If you have to be dragged to the poll by someone offering you cigarettes in order for you to get out and vote (as ACORN has been accused of doing,)  then you shouldn’t be voting in the first place. 

The integrity of elections are a cornerstone to democracy and groups like ACORN should have nothing to do with them.  We should also have to present photo id’s when we vote.  It’s not hard to get a photo i.d.; in most states you can get them where driver’s license’s are obtained.  Democracy is a treasure and we should treat it that way.  It should not be left in the hands of criminals.



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5 responses to “From Tiny Acorns, Mighty Criminals Will Grow

  1. Fed Up

    It will remain in the hands of criminals because if anyone takes a stand they are deemed racist. It is deployable how our government behaves and how our money is spent.

  2. disgusting

    I find it amusingly and disturbingly hypocritical that in the new PR campaign that the dems put out with the liberal actors and musicians saying what they’ll do to help the administration that several of them mention “I promise to put an end to human slavery”. Yet ACORN, clearly the cozy bedfellow of Obama, is here PROMOTING human slavery by telling these reporters how to import young girls for the sex trade. Do they think slavery is only a bad thing if you’re black??? That it’s okay for young South American girls??? This is disgusting.

  3. crosssection

    Positive Development! The U.S. Census Bureau has severed it’s ties with ACORN. Great job to the people that are speaking up and saying enough is enough!

  4. If ACORN was so great, they’d help other ethnicities besides African-Americans. It’s interesting to see a racist group get ousted.

  5. Elika

    Schools for Cheating the System-Acorn…hmm that has been going on for years there is an exlusive black only church called “Power House of Deliverance‎” that has racist slandering church services and the sunday school is about god wants them to rip off the “gentiles” kinda attitude. so nothing short of new there.
    Wonder how come when Bush was elected everyone was jumping up and down for investigations for voter fraud…..acorn pulled all kinds of voter fraud for the Oboma election and no one even thought of investigating that…..wonder if we even elect Officials anymore or they use the Media to Create the “Illusion” that we are.

    there maybe more corruption there than meets the eye.

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