Way To Go Joe!!

“Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid.” -Ronald Reagan

Campaign Contributions Can Be Sent To:

Representative Joe Wilson

P.O. Box 2145

West Columbia, SC,  29171

How to get ahold of Joe: 202-225-2452

South Carolina Offices: 803-939-0041




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2 responses to “Way To Go Joe!!

  1. R Olson

    Joe was actually listening. He heard every single word and untruth spoken in the president’s speech. When you are 100% focused and disagree, one tends to exclaim his/her thoughts or emotions about it. He was speaking for me, for sure! It is merely that he was not checked out like most of the audience, and when he heard the baloney being spewed, he spewed back. I am sorry that the focus is on Joe and not the context that made him exclaim. The people making the biggest scene over it are the ones that really have not figured out their opinion on the matter and need something trivial to report about.

  2. RazorbackNation1

    Amen Mr. Olson! I’m just glad we have a few souls left in Washington that aren’t just stepping aside and letting the President and his high command of czars and left-wing mouthpieces do as they please with zero accountability.

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