The Other Healthcare Bill That Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Want You To Know About!

I’ve been asking myself, if HR 3200 is such a terrible bill, (and it is), why haven’t the Republicans offered anything as an alternative?  After all, we keep hearing that the Republicans are only the party of “No”. 

Well, imagine my surprise to hear Tom Price, Congressman from Georgia, talking about the bill that he has proposed that has 31 co-sponsorsThe plan that Nancy Pelosi wants with the public option, new bureaucracy, and all the rest has only 8 co-sponsorsThat’s right, that bill that everyone has been so upset about at the town hall meetings was so atrocious that only 8 members of congress dared to attach their name to it. 

So why haven’t you heard about HR3400?  That’s a good question.   I’m really tired of the major networks only reporting about the things that they think will make Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi happy!  I heard about HR 3400 on Fox News.  I went to the Thomas website and looked it up.  It has a lot of common sense provisions to accomplish health care reform that do not involve a government option.  I’m not saying that it’s a wonderful bill in every way, but at under 300 pages, it has a lot of things in it that make sense.

Here’s the link to HR 3400 on Thomas: Just go to the Home Page on the Thomas site and on the search engine under bill number put in HR 3400.

I guess the lessons are that we need to do our own research and we need to quit relying solely on the news for our information. 

Keep being involved!  This is our country.  Let’s take it back!



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4 responses to “The Other Healthcare Bill That Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Want You To Know About!

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  2. eva

    the one who say no is your democrats friends. the republicans have been saying all along from the beginning that tort reform must be in the bill. even your liberal friend bob beckel admitted that the democrats just have too many trial lawyers on their side, they won’t do it…so, tell me who is saying no here? check your facts before you accuse someone who say no… the republicans also advocate open state line for all insurance companies to compete for business and what your democrats say?….so, tell me again, who is saying no here?

    • crosssection

      Thank you for your comment. I think you read the article wrong. What I was saying is that the media keeps saying that the Republicans are the party of no.

      I was making the point that the media isn’t telling us the truth about them. That’s why I hilighted HR3400 which is written by a Republican. No one is telling us about these common sense bills.

      I’m sorry that you misunderstood what I meant. I’m a conservative like you and I understand that it’s the Republicans who are calling for tort reform which I am for 100%.

  3. Alura

    I had no idea that there WAS a bill put together by the Republicans to work out some of the problems with health care until today. Thanks, Main-Stream Media.

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