7000 Miles of the TEA Party Express

It all began in Sacramento, CA last Friday on the 28th of August.  On that day the TEA Party Express began a nearly 7000 mile trek across the country to remind the government that they report to us and not the other way around.  The crowds have been energized and having a good time celebrating freedom.  The Express will be coming to Little Rock, AR on Friday, September 4th.  

They must be making an impact because wherever they have gone while in Nevada the last couple of days, Harry Reid has had a videographer present to record the events.  I wonder if he just wants to keep reliving the heady days of the August recess from congress.  I wouldn’t think that would be fun for him or for many in Congress who have had a tough August recess.  Harry has reason to worry about the tea partiers as he is down in all of the polls. 

To get more information and read the daily blog from the teaparty express, go to www.TeaPartyExpress.org.


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