Card Check “Off Of The Table”……For Now

Not too long ago, I would have said that there was very little chance of Card Check being defeated.   That was before people all over the country became energized and said, “Whoa there Harry and Nancy!  Not so fast.”   Card Check has been being pushed aggressively by the unions, particularly in states like Arkansas and Pennsylvania.  Also known as the Employee Free Choice Act,  card check would take away the right of employees to a secret ballot when employees are deciding whether or not to vote in a union.   This would leave employees open to all sorts of union intimidation making it much easier to get a union in.  

Today,  as he explained why card check would not be voted on this year, Harry Reid had this to say, “We have too many other things on our plate.”    However, when Harry Reid Introduced this bill he sounded a lot more feisty.  On that day in 2007 he said the following: “[T]oday when I introduce the Employee Free Choice Act, get ready for a fight.  Every single Senator ought to support this bill.  It ought to be a no-brainer….”  And later on in January of this year, he had this to say about card check calling it an “important piece of legislation… we’re going to get to that.” Reid  then said, “We’re hoping to get to it sometime this summer.”

So what happened in the mean time?  The American people have decided that enough is enough.   We the people have a government that answers to us-not the other way around.  (It probably also helps that Reid is up for reelection and it’s not looking good for him.)  Keep up the good work and keep speaking up.


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