Bea’s Take on Boozman Town Hall

I attended Congressman John Boozman’s town hall meeting on Monday, August 24th at the Fort Smith Civic Center along with approximately 400 others.

I sat in the second row so I could hear everything that was being discussed.  A panel of 6 people sat on stage with Representative Boozman.  The panelists included Dr. Jerry Stewart, a retired physician and former CEO of Cooper Clinic, Ms. Dolores Chitwood with the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Mr. Loyd Wilbern the Director of Business Services at St. Edward Mercy Medical, Dr. Avery Knapp a radiologist, Mr. Jim Medley who is Executive Director of the Area Agency on Aging, and Dr. Daniel Mackey an oncologist and President of the Sebastian County Medical Society.

Each panel member was introduced by Representative Boozman and they each told about their particular field of expertise and how they felt about the current Health Care Bills.  All were not happy with what may happen if this bill passes.  Those in the audience were given the opportunity to ask questions.  The meeting lasted 4 hours.


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