The California Dust Bowl

Once a flourishing, fertile, agricultural paradise, parts of the San Joaquin Valley are now a dust bowl.  There is a 40% unemployment rate in Mendota, CA.   Your eyes are not failing you, I did say 40%.  Why is this happening?  The addition of a 3 inch smelt to the endangered species list.  This action led to the government turning off the water pumps that bring water to the San Joaquin Valley.  Statewide, 450,000 acres have gone unplanted this year because the land is unable to sustain crops without the water. 

Meanwhile the farmers in California are idle and their families are going hungry.  And how many families do you think those 450,000 acres of idle farm land could feed?  The federal government seems to be deaf to the cries of these people even as local officials and legislators are pleading for relief.  They should remember that people vote-fish do not.

Why have the fortunes of a smelt been put above the needs of humans?  The problem in my estimation goes deeper than the California situation.  Respect for human life since Roe V. Wade has diminished markedly.  Not only is the sanctity of life under attack for the unborn, but also for the aged and those with disabilities.  Meanwhile, respect and protection for animal  rights and the environment has skyrocketed.  Does no one think that there is something wrong when a bald eagle has more legal protection for it’s unborn eagle in an egg than a human baby who hasn’t been born yet? 

When respect for the sanctity of human life is diminished the entire culture will suffer.


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