Obama Administration Will “Adjust” Deficit Projection This Week

The Obama Administration will adjust it’s 10 year deficity projection upward by about 2 TRILLION DOLLARS this coming week.  Wow, now that’s what I call an adjustment.  I’m still trying to adjust to thinking in terms of trillions of dollars.  They now say that the budget deficit will be somewhere around 7 to 9 TRILLION DOLLARS over the next 10 years.  On the up side, if I spend a little too much, I can always tell my husband, “Look honey, it could be worse, I could be spending money like Congress.”   

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that they really don’t know what the deficit will be.  They haven’t the foggiest notion of what a government health reform package will cost.  And-let’s not forget that they blew the budget projection on a little 2 month project called Cash for Clunkers by 200%.   A project which, by the way, despite the added 2 Billion Dollars still did not fund the project for the length of time that it was supposed to.  

I say, let’s cut the purse strings.  If we don’t want our country to implode under the tremendous weight of debt, we have to do a few things now. 

  1. If you aren’t already doing so, pray that God gives our leaders some wisdom.
  2. Get involved.  Hold Congress’s feet to the fire on spending.
  3. Vote out anyone who isn’t fiscally responsible.

Let’s get busy!


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