First Hand Account of Mark Pryor’s Tele-Town Hall

Mark Pryor answered questions for about an hour as I listened.  There were only 2 or 3 people who were completely against the public option.  Statistically, taking into consideration the most current polls, this just isn’t possible unless you are cherry picking the questions.  The majority of Americans in every poll are  against a public health care option.  Senator Pryor acknowledged that Americans were not ready for nationalized medicine.  So, if your calls are picked randomly or in the order that they come in,  how could you get only a few people out of many calls against government health care?  Hmmmm.  I hate to be skeptical, but………………………

One thing  was abundantly clear, Senator Pryor was not going to commit one way or the other on healthcare legislation.  His stated reason was that he is waiting for a healthcare bill to emerge from the Senate Finance Committee before he decides what he’s going to do. 

Senator Pryor did say that he would be having more tele-town halls in the near future.  Be watching Cross Section for details!


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