An August to Remember for Nancy and Harry

August of 2009 will go down in history as the moment that the country stood up and said, NO! to socialized medicine.

Reports of the White House and Congress backing away from a public option in health care reform are all over the news today and the thanks belong to the American people who started with a T.E.A Party and haven’t backed down since.  I guess the spenders in the White House and in Congress won’t be able to casually write off the T.E.A. Partiers as they did back in April. 

And yet, we need to stay vigilant.  There are still legislative assaults on personal freedom and small business in the offing and we can’t yet say that socialized medicine is completely D.O.A.  Here are some things to be watching for:

  • A last minute push to get some sort of government involvement in health care
  • Card-check legislation that takes away an employee’s right to a secret ballot where unions are concerned
  • Cap and Trade A.K.A. Cap and Tax-a real jobs killer that will push us further into recession
  • An attack on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)-(The administration recently filed a brief with the Department of Justice saying that DOMA is discriminatory.)

Keep up the good work and remember that this government derives it’s power from the consent of the governed!


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