James Madison is Rolling Over in His Grave

In 1787 and 1788 a series of articles were published by John Jay, James Monroe, and Alexander Hamilton.  These 85 articles were written to let the people know what the founding fathers thoughts were when they put the constitution together and to convince the people that the new constitution was worthy of ratification.  These articles pretty clearly show that the founders were for limited government.  In Federalist paper # 62 which is thought to have been written by James Monroe who is considered the Father of the Constitution, he states the following:

                     “It will be of little avail to the people if laws are written so voluminous that they can’t be read or so incoherant that they cannot be understood.”  

I wonder if the 1000+ page monstrosity in the House would pass the Monroe test of good legislation.  Hmmmmmm.  No, I think it would make him sick (if he weren’t already dead).   

We need to keep the pressure on the legislators to put this terrible bill out of it’s misery.  They are just waiting for us to turn our thoughts to other things and let up just a little bit.  We are starting to have an effect-the polls show it! 

Be sure to turn out for the Boozman town hall meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m. at the Jones Center in Springdale, AR!  If you are in another state, FIND YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES!  Email or call them.  They MUST know how we feel!!!!


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