Wow Blanche, Thanks For Clearing That Up!

I found the attached video of Blanche Lincoln explaining why she is not holding any open forums of any type quite interesting.  She states that in the past if she scheduled town halls in August she had a hard time getting anyone to show up.  This is in contrast to the comments made by her staff.  I have phoned her office numerous times over the last couple of weeks (grin) and prior to her schedule being released was told that she would absolutely hold open forums.  After her schedule was released I questioned her staff as to why there were no open forums scheduled and I was told ….she changed her mind…you think???  

I also like the comment she makes in the video that people need to be careful to be constructive in their comments in regards to health care reform.  This from a woman who called those in opposition to the President’s plan Un-American.  I don’t know about you…but I don’t really put that in the “constructive criticism” column.


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