First Hand Account of Tele “Town Hall” on Health Care with Mark Pryor

I’d love to give you a first hand account of the town hall teleconference; however, here is all that I can tell you.

At 6:55 CST I dialed in to the phone number listed on Mark Pryor’s website and at the prompt entered the code followed by the pound sign.  I then listened to music for about 20 minutes except for the occasional announcement, “The conference will begin when the speaker has arrived.” 

At about 7:12 p.m., I was disconnected and when I attempted to dial in again, got the busy signal.

What is up with that?  Why hadn’t the call started at 7:00 as described in the press release and why was I hung up on?

Did anyone out there get on the call?  Was anyone else disconnected after waiting for several minutes for the Senator to begin?

Let us know!


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