Update on Tele-Town Hall Meeting with Senator Pryor-They Pick the Questions!

Cross Section spoke to Senator Pryor’s Little Rock office today.  According to the staffer who answered the phone call, Mark Pryor’s staff will be choosing the questions based on what they think we want answered.   To me, this is unacceptable.  Genuine interaction with constituents means answering the tough questions.  Senator Pryor needs to be able to see us and hear us.  If you feel the same way, give the senator a phone call at (877) 259-9602.  This is toll free from Arkansas. 

Cross Section has also seen the schedule that Blanche Lincoln has announced on her website.  As of this writing there are no public forums listed in her schedule.  If you feel that Senator Lincoln is ducking her constituents, give her a call at 202-224-4843.  

If you live in another state, please let us know how your town hall meetings are going.  What are your first hand accounts?  Let us know-we would love to hear from you!


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