Cash for Clunkers-A Success Story!?????

Sometimes the media shocks me.  Sometimes politicians shock me.  This week the word shocked seems trite.  It’s more like shocked in the same way someone is shocked in the electric chair.  I’m blown away.  I’ve been watching the media and politicians call the Cash for Clunkers program a tremendously successful government program.  They act like they are happy that a program that they budgeted a billion dollars for three months for went broke in less than a week.  Let’s break that down.  One BILLION spent, LESS THAN ONE WEEK of performance.  That has to be some kind of record.  

I’m just trying to envision this scenario in my own life.  I envision coming home and having this conversation with my husband:

    Me:        “Honey, you know how I told you that we were going to budget our income to make it last the entire year?  Well, it’s only going to cover this week according to what I’ve spent.”

    My Husband:  “Are you kidding?  That’s wonderful!  You are really good at spending, honey!”

Yes-you are now entering the twi-light zone.  Do do do do, do do do do, (that’s the theme to the twi-light zone, kind of hard to type) 

Back to reality.  What does this really mean?

1.  The budgeting skills of the government rival those of a teenager.  You parents know what I’m talking about. They say:  “Mom and Dad gave me $20 to spend this week.  Oh no!  I spent it all on video games.  That’s o.k., I’ll just ask Mom and Dad for more money.  They’ll give it to me. ”  Now the scenario in congress:  “The taxpayers gave me $1 billion dollars for this program to last three months. Oh no!  I spent it all in less than a week.  That’s o.k. I’ll just ask the taxpayers for more money.  They’ll give it to me.”   With teenagers, though,  all you have to tell them is that money doesn’t grow on trees.  I know -I sound like your parents and my parents.  The big problem is that congress has their own printing press making money as fast as they can.  Can you imagine your teenagers in possession of a money printing press?

2.  Congress has completely lost their mind.  This is scary stuff.  They really thought to themselves, “If we give away money, there won’t be too many people that will take us up on it.”  Hello?  Really? Really?   If I told you, “I’m thinking about emptying my savings account and going and standing on the street corner to offer it to people.  I bet not too many people will take me up on it!”  what would you do?   If I said that, you might be tempted to put me away somewhere where I wouldn’t hurt myself. 

3.  We should no more let Congress be in charge of our healthcare dollars than the man in the moon

Don’t be a gongoozler!   Find your congressmen and women.  Find your senators.  Contact them!  Tell them what parents often have to tell their teenagers.  Enough is enough already!  Don’t come asking me for another cent until you learn how to handle money!  Tell them to keep their hands out of your healthcare decisions!



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3 responses to “Cash for Clunkers-A Success Story!?????

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    • crosssection

      That’s true Mark. Dealer inventory has dropped, but it’s an artificial drop only due to the government give away. When the program goes away, I think the sales will also go away. The underlying economy is still in trouble and I am afraid that the increased taxes and regulations proposed by the administration vis-a-vis the stimulus, omnibus, healthcare, and cap and trade will only hamper the economy’s ability to get going. In my opinion, government money that adds to the deficit and ultimately our national debt going up will result in higher interest rates and be a further drag on the economy. I also think it is poor stewardship of tax revenues and I blame both parties. Neither party has done the right thing when they were in power to curb spending and government programs. I appreciate your comment and your opinion. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

    • crosssection

      List of what not to like:

      1) Spending MORE money the government does not have.

      2) Ridiculous economics. It’s along the lines of the theory of paying someone to dig a whole and someone else to come and fill it in. They are taking taxpayers money to pay someone to turn in a perfectly good automobile, then destroying it, and purchase a new one.

      3) How much more money are we going to be asked to pump into the auto industry? While the big union leaders are able to lead our representatives around by the nose because of the huge amounts of money they pump into their campaigns, many of us who are employed by small business are fearful of our jobs because of the tax burdens being placed upon small businesses.

      That’s how I see it…..Beth

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