Why The Private Sector Does Health Care Better



1.  Competition results in higher levels of customer service. (Compare the level of service you get at any government agency with the level of service you get at your favorite store.) 

2.  The profit incentive leads to greater efficiencies in the way business is conducted. (Have you seen the layers and layers of new bureaucracy being proposed for the new health care proposals?) Can you say budget buster? 

3.  When responsibility for medical decisions is taken away from individuals and handed over to the government, the incentive to watch out for mistakes is eliminated.  This generally results in opportunities for unscrupulous people to use the system to commit fraud.  This is one reason that health savings accounts are so attractive.  You are using your money to obtain care and therefore you are more likely to be an active participant in making sure that bills are accurate and that claims are handled properly. 

4.  Massachusetts, California, and Hawaii:  Three government healthcare plans, three failures. 

5.  The best way to keep companies in line and doing a good job is to vote with your dollars.  If you aren’t getting good service-go to the next company and take your money with you.  If the government is in charge, what recourse do you have? 

6.  Private companies are able to change very quickly as situations in the marketplace demand.  Bureaucracies, move slowly and inefficiently.  Have you ever tracked the progress of a bill from steering committee to committee, to debate, to vote, to conference, yadah, yadah, yadah.  There’s just no way that the government can compete on a level playing field and win-they are way too slow.  

7.  Private companies are able to offer more choices so that people can have a plan that makes sense for their unique situation.  

I know that changes are needed to reduce costs.  Information technology and tort reform would be two good places to start.  Government options for health care are just not the answer in my opinion.   Obviously you have a right to disagree.  Spirited, civil debate is a wonderful legacy from our founding fathers.  The market place of ideas is wonderful, so let’s talk about it!


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