Top 10 Reasons to Attend a T.E.A. Party (Taxed Enough Already)


Top 10 Reasons to attend your local T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) Party on July 4th

10.  Grocery Tax

9.    Death Tax (Estate Tax)

8.    Federal Income Tax

7.    Property Tax

6.    Sales Tax

5.    Fuel Tax

4.    State Income Tax

3.    Proposed tax on healthcare benefits

2.    You’ll have fun thinking of catchy sayings to put on your posters!

AND THE #1 REASON TO ATTEND YOUR TEA PARTY:  The  tax on COW FLATULENCE  that the California EPA is looking into as a measure to combat global warming   (No, I’m not kidding!!!)


If you live close to Fort Smith, AR, attend your local tea party

Where? Ross Pendergraft Park, 200 Garrison St, Fort Smith, AR

When? Saturday, July 4th, 10:00 a.m. – Noon


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